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Massage the baby on the feet

The pediatric foot is different from the adult footFeatures. In the one-year-old babies, the muscles on the legs are still too weak, and the bones on the pedicle are not yet strong. The first few years the child's foot seems completely flat, this is because in the recess of the arch of the foot, a fat pad is stored, which hides the exact location of the child's foot. How a child's leg develops will help identify a nurse-masseuse or a pediatrician.

Currently among toddlersThe problems of clubfoot and flat feet have spread. The cause of the development of such defects are different factors, but fortunately, with the help of a timely massage started, you can either prevent the development of a defect, or smooth it.

Begin massage on the feet of the baby can be in 1,5-2Month old. At this stage, there is nothing complicated, because the technique of massage is limited to one technique - stroking the foot. To do this, the mother with her left hand should support the child's leg with her shin, and draw the eight with her right hand in circular motions on the child's foot.

Stop massage is best done every day. The massage procedure is performed when the child is merry, full, when the room is calm. Do not massage the feet to the baby when he is hungry or just ate. You should also take into account his sleep regimen, massage should be done 2 hours before bedtime (minimum), only then the child will be able to fall asleep normally. The massage of the feet of more adult children is not limited to stroking, as it is possible to add vibration, kneading, effleurage of the feet.

Massage of a 4-5 month old baby should be started withStroking the foot, then you can go to rubbing, which are produced by a slight pressure. Effective pokolachivaniya feet are effective enough, they improve the circulation of blood in the child's body, have a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system. Massage should always end with calm strokes. As for the duration of the massage, so everything depends on the age of the child. If the child, for example, 2 months, then the massage lasts only 1 minute, and if the child is 1 year - then 5-7 minutes.

The legs of the child to 8-10 months a little stronger,So are ready for new types of massage. You can enter, for example, twisting fingers. This technique is gentle, but at the same time tangible, as only in this case will the effect of the massage. Fingers of the kid first twist a little clockwise, then counter-clockwise, then the fingers move down and up, then left and right. Massage ends with stroking and rubbing.

After the baby's leg grows slightly,Not the entire foot is massaged, but its individual parts. Massaging the sole, do not forget to massage the upper arch of the foot. To do this, from the fingers of the baby, we hold the fingers to the ankle with light, stroking and kneading movements.

Important places for massage on the feet of a childAre the place under the fingers and heel. You need to massage each area. The massage begins with stroking and gradually passes to the reception of rubbing. You can add tapping: the mother with a light movement with the back of her fingers drummed the child on the foot. For the heel of the baby, tapping is especially good, as there are a large number of receptors in this zone, which are responsible for the work of a growing child's organism.

Massage should be done even if the baby has a stopDevelops normally. After all, massage is a preventive tool against problems with the children's locomotor apparatus, against flat feet, and also improves blood circulation.

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