/ How to put a bed in the nursery?

How to put a bed in the nursery?

As psychologists tell us, that a child grows upMentally and physically, mentally healthy, he needs to sleep next to his mother. Mom must necessarily do themselves, the economy and be sure to rest. And you need to do this in the hours when the baby is sleeping. But in the first year of a child's life it is necessary to put him to bed at least at night. Therefore, for a baby cot, you need to choose the right place.

How to choose a place for a crib?

If there is a baby cot, then worry about the comfort and safety for your baby. Observe some rules.

  • That the child does not overheat, do not putA cot near the heating appliances. The temperature in the room should be maintained from 18 degrees to 22 degrees. Then, hypothermia or overheating will not threaten the child.
  • Remove from the room carpets and rugs, sinceIt is impossible to completely remove dust from them. Books better put in a bookcase with glass closing doors. Because dust is a good medium for the development of microbes, such as streptococci, salmonella, staphylococcus and others.
  • Do not allow tobacco smoke to enter the children's room. If the room is adjacent to a balcony where the head of the family "smokes", in the interests of the child the pope will have to change his habits.
  • Room with balcony - great place for bedChild. Fresh air will help harden the child, which will increase the resistance of the child's body to various colds. The child is very calm and well asleep in the fresh air. Fresh air has an excellent effect on the child's nervous system. For the full development of the child, airing is a prerequisite, and if there are drafts in the room, it is better to curtain the sides of the bed with a dense cloth.
  • There are often disputes that it is necessary to isolate the child'sRoom from the noise. The child thus will get used to sleep in silence and can wake up from the slightest rustle. You have to postpone all the cases when the child is sleeping. But if the kid constantly hears quiet voices, rhythmic noise of the street and different sounds, then they can not prevent a good sleep. And my mother, not afraid to scare or wake the baby, can calmly do his own business. A blooming music center, computer, TV can damage the nervous system of the baby.

Security issue

Baby cot for the baby should not stand near the operating outlets and electrical appliances. Above the bed on the wall do not hang ornaments.


If the room has indoor plants, you needBe sure that they are safe for his health. Ficus and geranium are air purifiers, they can be placed near a baby crib. A plant such as geranium can provoke an allergy. Begonia, oleander are toxic plants, they cause allergies. Before placing this or that plant in the children's room, you need to study the properties of plants so that they do not harm the child.

The lighting of a crib should be bright, and a curious crumb will have a wide overview. A child in such a crib can see everything and everyone.

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