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How to make a massage for your child?

The effect of massage on the body

  • Increases the strength of muscles, reduces the increased tone;
  • Has a tonic effect on the nervous system;
  • Improves the elasticity of tissues;
  • Accelerates the movement of blood and dilates small vessels.

Contra-indications for massage

  • Extensive manifestations of exudative diathesis;
  • Irritation and skin damage;
  • Fungal and infectious diseases of nails and skin;
  • Pyoderma, purulent processes of any localization;
  • Blood diseases, bleeding;
  • Acute inflammatory processes.

We need to prepare the children for school, becauseThe musculoskeletal system of the child will be given an unusual and colossal load. And you need to carry out prevention of the musculoskeletal system in a preschooler or first-grader. A good way is to massage. Methods of massage need to master the mother.

How to make a massage for your child?

To the first class could adapt to schoolConditions, you can massage the child. It is a sedative before going to sleep or after physical exertion. Your child comes home, has lunch, but before you sit down for lessons, we will do a massage session. For this, the child is laid face down on the couch or sofa, undressed to the waistband.

  • We stroke the child's back up and down along the spine. So repeat 15 times.
  • Gently with three fingers collar zone. The movements are from the shoulders in the direction of the neck.
  • Bones of the fingers will walk along his ribs. Then I'll shake the spine in a circular motion, moving from neck to waist.
  • Light palms, a little pat on the back, walk around the back of the child.
  • Finish the procedure with easy strokes.

After the massage the child should lie down for a few minutes, making deep exhalations and breathing. After that, your child may well begin to perform the given lessons.

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