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Curved legs of a child

Because of what the child has crooked legs

Curved legs of a baby can begin to formEven during fetal development with some diseases of the mother herself, heredity and hypoxia of the fetus. The main cause of the development of curvature of the legs from an early age of the child is a disease such as rickets. When untimely treatment of this disease, metabolic phosphorus-calcium processes are violated, which causes the deformation of tissues: muscular, bone and fully musculoskeletal. Doctors are obliged to systematically monitor the development of a child suffering from this ailment in order to avoid such a deviation as the uneven legs of a child in the future.

Which legs are considered to be curves, photo

Unbalanced food, which does notEnough potassium, phosphorus and other substances necessary for the development of the child, can also provoke the development of curvature of the legs. When these elements are missing in the body, the bones become brittle. Therefore, foods rich in phosphorus and potassium must necessarily enter the baby's diet.

If your baby has 3-4 years old legs with slight deviations, this is not a cause for concern for parents, but quite normal.

Which legs are considered to be curved

If your child has legs formed asThe letters "O" and do not close due to deformation of bones in the knee area, then such legs are considered to be curved, the same if they do not close in the area of ​​the ankles and feet, look like the letter "X". But it happens that the legs appear curved when the soft tissues of the shin do not close. Such a defect is usually corrected with the help of special physical exercises.

When doctors need help

A specialist is needed when a childCrooked legs in the following cases. The toes of the baby are strongly turned inwards. The doctor must check the various causes of this defect, perhaps the bones of the foot are deformed, then surgical intervention will help. Specialist help is needed when the child, older than three years old, "legs" are bent "out" with the wheel outwards, when the legs differ from each other in appearance. And also, if the legs look like "O" and "X" - shaped deformations.

In many cases, the curvature of the legs is correctedBy a natural way, with the help of a special complex treatment. In the case when the curvature itself does not improve or increases with time, the specialist recommends corrective devices. This helps gradually to the right position to stretch the legs. In the case where the curvature of the legs is strong and with the help of special devices can not be corrected, the doctor recommends surgery.

In addition to a special set of exercises forCorrecting the curvature of the legs in the child (the exercises depend on the cause and type of curvature), it is useful to do other exercises. Useful for bones and muscles are the following exercises. Babies are good at making massage, bending and unbending legs in the right position. For older children it is useful to jump skipping, squat, knit together, and also to swim. A child aged 5-7 years can do the following effective exercise: with your legs crossed, you should slowly sit down on the floor, without the help of your hands, and then climb. This exercise should be done several times.

Doing regular special exercises, ifLegs are not curved strongly, you will achieve a positive result, but the doctor must control this process. The sooner parents begin treatment for their child, the better, because in childhood, to fix any defects is easier, because the body is growing.

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