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What if the child has excess weight?

The main way to combat obesity in children

Diet is the main way to combat superfluousKilograms. However, it must necessarily be carried out under the supervision of a nutritionist or pediatrician. Children under three years of low calorie diet is not recommended, as the energy value of the diet is reduced.

Due to animal fats and carbohydrates reduceCaloric intake. The physiological norm should correspond to the amount of protein. Its source is eggs, milk and various dairy products with a low percentage of fat, low-fat fish. It is also necessary to limit the consumption of sour cream, fatty varieties of cheese, cream, butter.

Other methods to combat excess kilograms in children

The weight of the child will help reduce the physical load. Children aged 4-6 years are effectively assisted in the fight against overweight sports. Parents can record their baby, given his desire, in various sports sections (swimming, football, dancing, etc.). Parents can also organize family sporting events themselves, only they need to be held as often as possible. For children younger than this age, enough outdoor games and walks in the open air.

Surgical treatments for obesity are notAre applicable in childhood. Various supplements and medications are also contraindicated for children under 15 years of age. But it happens that medications of this type are attributed to the doctor. Do not rush to give them to your child, but better consult with others.

In order for your baby to tolerateChanges in their lives, parents need to create the necessary conditions for this: do not keep foods in the house that cause temptation in the child; Control the food of your child; Organize various mobile activities and participate in them.

Some tips for parents

In order for your child to disappearUnnecessary weight, use the following tips. Do not console yourself with the hopes that with age, the extra pounds will disappear by themselves. Do not bring in the house juices, carbonated drinks, jelly, better prepare mors, unsweet compote, tea (unsweetened). In semifinished products there are a lot of spices, unseen fat, starch, so it's better to cook for your baby by the parents themselves. In the diet of the child should be more baked, boiled food, borscht and soups must be prepared without toasting.

Do not bring in your house sauces, mayonnaise, smoked products, sausages. And also cakes, sweet foods - replace with dried fruits or jujube, jelly, marshmallows (in limited quantities).

Eliminate from the ration of the baby chips and foodsFast cooking. Cook porridge daily, except semolina. Very useful: pearl barley, oatmeal, buckwheat and multi-cereal porridge. Replace in the diet of white bread on buns with bran. Also reduce the consumption of spices and salt.

Feed your baby often, but portionsShould be small. Such food will help to reduce appetite, as the next portion of food, supplements the previous food, while in the stomach a feeling of fullness is created. It helps to get rid of hunger for your child. Limit family trips to cafes and restaurants.

To help your child lose weight,Consider the following nuances. When a child slowly chews food, he quickly feels saturated. In order that your child does not get an appetite, try to devote less time to decorating dishes. If you leave the child with close relatives, then warn them about changing the diet.

Do not tell the child that he is awkward and other unpleasant words, it will not only not help to lose weight, but will also create complexes for the child, possibly for a long time.

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