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Crises and conflicts of childhood

Scientists have long proven that the impact on womenThe organism during pregnancy seriously affects the child. And this influence affects throughout his life. Important for the child are also any impact for the entire period of its growth. Children's crises are almost always painful for people around the child. The kid becomes capricious, capricious, uncontrollable, whiny. The main thing is not to forget that the child suffers from this no less, and often much more than we adults. He is initially set to be good, to please his parents, and inside him something is created that he is unable to either realize or control. Crises and conflicts at certain stages can pretty much shake the nerves for you, and for the baby.

Crisis of 1 year

It causes a serious restructuring of the physiologyThe kid. It seems that yesterday he was dependent on you in everything, and by the year he had already started walking, reaching out to many inaccessible places and objects. The child's brain at this age learns as much information as an adult could master in about 60 years. What do young researchers see on their way? A rigid system of restrictions and prohibitions, ignoring his needs by adults. Hence the protests that betray the conflicts of age. It is very important during this period to understand the child and help him: to make his life as safe as possible, to teach him to use the objects of the surrounding world, to teach him how to manage his body, etc. We must have patience and understanding.

Crisis of 3 years

The kid continues to actively explore the world,Surrounding him. However, an important and important part of it is the establishment of social contacts. And it's not easy to understand with them. Each contact of the child is unique and not always immediately understandable to him. He already can do many things himself. It inspires, but it turns out not all as you want - such an injustice! In this period, the kid begins to feel the outside world as chaos. This is because the experience has already been accumulated, but not yet systematized. Then natural instincts come into force. Everything that is not clear to the child - frightens him, and that which frightens, entails aggression as a protective reaction. Discuss with the child all that is important to him. Talk about his emotions, ask what feelings he had at one time or another.

Crisis of 7 years

It happens at the moment when the baby is finallygoes to school. This is a serious stress for children. For a child at this time, life changes overnight. The first emotional upsurge has passed, and then it turns out that school life is not only new bright textbooks and a beautiful satchel. We need to live according to the regime, do lessons on time, be responsible for our achievements and failures. All classmates are personalities with their own characteristics of character. Rapidly starts to accumulate fatigue from unusual loads. All this causes different kinds of difficulties. And in all children they manifest themselves in different ways: someone in the form of apathy, and someone in the form of excessive excitement, emotional tone, reduced efficiency. The child is forced not only to rebuild his own life, but also to re-evaluate himself, to find his place in the social system. Here, adults need understanding and patience. Only then will the child be able to walk fearlessly through the stages of his development, pass them with benefit if he feels our support and attention.

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