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Allergy in children under one year of breastfeeding

Allergy in children under one year of breastfeeding

In infancy, when the mother is still feeding the childHe may have signs of this condition. These are acute reactions that represent a protective mechanism, it resists damage to cellular structures and tissues.

It is almost impossible to foresee in infantsAn allergy. But it is enough to remove some product from his diet so that unpleasant symptoms disappear. This is not enough and then you have to start a long course of treatment.

Everyone knows that in most cases, an allergyIs passed from parents to children. In other words, there is a genetic predisposition. This mechanism manifests itself clearly in children up to a year. In other cases, the allergen can simply get from the outside into the growing organism. Infection can appear on the skin, in the stomach, in the airways.

Children with breastfeeding may have an allergyOn food. Therefore, mothers who are breastfeeding should follow a diet. And do not get carried away by products that can cause a painful condition. In no case can you refuse cow's milk or eggs. This is necessary in order to produce enough breast milk.

Remember that bright beautiful fruits and vegetables (red apples, beets, tomatoes, and so on) are strong allergens. They should not be carried away.

Parents can easily identify allergies by firstFeatured. Dandruff on the head, rashes on the skin, upset of the chair, crying, since the stomach hurts, these are the standard symptoms. If you want your baby to be healthy, then you have to limit yourself in many ways. Sausages, sausages, products stuffed with additives and preservatives, alcohol. And also some berries, citrus fruits, sweets, chocolate - this is not a complete list of these products.

You can be a little pampered. The main thing to monitor the health of the baby. Eat pork, cereals, apricots, peaches, cranberries and watermelons, but do not overeat. This is the first rule, it must be strictly adhered to. Some new products in the diet to enter carefully and gradually, observe the state of health of the baby.

It is impossible not to mention the allergy to dust. This is especially true if the apartment has a lot of dusty books on the shelves or carpet. The baby will "breathe" this dust, settled on clothes, shelves, carpets. Irritation of the respiratory system will become a natural process, and the body will begin to "defend". Often wash dust from the windowsills, from the shelves. The floor needs to be washed daily.

Usually children love different animals (puppies, kittens). Parents go on about the child and start a rodent or a pet. A child will be happy with a new toy, but the joy will quickly evaporate, as the risk of developing an allergic condition increases several times. And before buying a hamster or a parrot, think about it.

If food or dust allergy is detectedIn infants up to a year, you need to immediately begin treatment and visit the pediatrician's office. Only a qualified specialist will give you individual recommendations and make a diet. You can make allergens. Thanks to them you can get information about what animals or objects of everyday life you need to isolate a child and what kind of delicacies should be avoided.

Health to you and your children!

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