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Vegetable oil for children

The value of different types of oil

Sunflower oil has a high contentFatty acids Omega-6 and vitamin E. Corn oil is similar in properties to sunflower. Olive oil is stored longer because of the content of antioxidants in large quantities. This oil is most easily assimilated by the body. This oil is necessary for children, as it improves metabolism, excretory and cardiovascular systems. Linseed oil is obtained from flax seeds. This oil is simply a source of Omega-3 acids. For children, vegetable oil is necessary to stabilize the bowels. Flaxseed oil strengthens the child's immune system, has a laxative effect and is very useful for the skin. Store this oil in a dark bottle, the lid should be tightly closed.

When you can give vegetable oils to children

Vegetable oil can be included in the baby's diet.From 5 months. First add only a few drops. Gradually, turning on the reaction of the child's body, increase the amount of oil so that by the year the baby used 3-5 grams per day. If the child is over three years of age, then the amount of this oil gradually bring up to 10-16 grams per day. It is desirable to give the vegetable oil to the children differently, so that they get more useful and various substances. It is desirable to alternate the intake of various types of vegetable oils.

How to choose a vegetable oil for a child

For use in baby food,Quality oil. Some types of vegetable oils are not very high nutritional value. Before buying oil, pay attention to the label, in order to avoid buying a substandard product, in other words, a mixture with impurities of various low-quality oils. Before you give oil to children, try it yourself. Quality oil should not be bitter, should not be cloudy and not contain an unpleasant odor.

Vegetable oils can be unrefined andRefined. The degree of purification differs among themselves. Unrefined oil types are cleaned only from mechanical impurities. Residual amounts of herbicides may contain oils of these species. Unrefined sunflower oil for children under three years of age is not recommended.

Refined sunflower oil passesSpecial cleaning. From oils of this kind, aromatic, flavoring, coloring substances, and also free fatty acids are removed. Refined sunflower oils are practically hypoallergenic, because of this, they are recommended for use in baby food from 5 months. But most importantly, always follow the reaction of the child's body to this or that vegetable oil.

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