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How to soar your child's legs?

How to soar your child's legs

To do this, you need: mustard (aromatic oil, herbal collection), cotton socks. And also a terry towel, a jug for rinsing, warm water, a deep basin.

Soar your feet when you need a little babyCold, especially it helps in the first days of illness. It is important to know that if a child does not have a high temperature, he can soar his legs. Otherwise, the child will begin a strong fever, which will be difficult to cope with. If the child during a walk has become supercooled or in the autumn day has got wet feet, such a warm warm bath will prevent a cold disease. And it happens because during the foot bath the protective properties of the body increase and the blood circulation increases.

The most extensible method is the methodSoak your feet in mustard. Often children are allergic to mustard, and if it is not, we proceed to the procedure. Rasparivanie in diluted mustard gives a good result, the runny nose immediately disappears. To do this, put a linen towel on the bottom of the pelvis. Then pour water, so it does not exceed 37 degrees and add 2 tbsp. Spoons of mustard. We lower the legs of the child into the basin. We pour not hot water. When a child gets used to this water, we lap two mugs with a temperature of up to 40 degrees.

Soar the legs with mustard and grease with turpentine ointment

Do not put the child's legs inHot water. We pour warm water into the basin, then put the baby's legs, carefully with hot water, then add the diluted mustard and some boiling water. Thus, the legs of the child will slightly decompose, the pores will open, the mustard begins to exert its effect. Dry the feet dry with a towel and smear with turpentine ointment, we'll put on cotton socks, the effect will be stunning.

We steam feet with aromatic oils

You can soar your feet with the addition of various aromatic oils. With a cold, add cedar, fir or eucalyptus oil. In a bowl with water, add 3 drops of aromatic oil.

Parim in infusion of herbs

By tradition we soar our feet in the decoction of herbs, sage infusion of sage or various cold cures are suitable. These bathtubs also combine inhalation. Pairs of oils or herbs relieve swelling of the nose and facilitate breathing.

How to make foot baths?

We put the baby in the basin with water, whichGradually increase from 35 degrees to 45 degrees. The procedure time is limited from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. After the procedure, we will put on warm socks with filled mustard and immediately under the blanket. We put our feet up to 3 times a day, before going to bed. If there is no such possibility, then it is necessary that the child does not run after the procedure, and lie down for 10 minutes under the blanket.

Rubbing your feet with turpentine ointment

Or we do it differently, rub our calves and feet with a warming ointment, which is made on the basis of turpentine and put on socks.

You need to steal your baby's legs properly and if you follow these simple rules, then your child will be healthy.

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