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Raising the courage of a child

Own fantasies become mixed withImpressions received through television or other media. If you do not pay attention to it, then any fear sooner or later can develop into pathology. In order that this does not happen, you need all the strength to put on the upbringing of the child's courage.

The medicine for fear

No need to tease a child"Coward". On the contrary, it is necessary to make it as clear as possible to him to understand that it is normal to be afraid. The only thing he needs is to start with fear to fight. Also, the child should be sure that parents in this struggle will provide him with all possible assistance. The best cure for fear is laughter. A toddler needs to be taught to laugh at their fears. You can try to compose a funny tale, which tells how the child learned not to be afraid of dogs or scary monsters from the cartoon. If you give it all in a funny form, then soon it will simply stop them from being afraid.

Errors in education

Often a cowardly child grows up in a family whereThere is no inner harmony. He can develop constant internal anxiety, if the parents often quarrel or if there are prevailing situations when one parent allows something and the other at the same time forbids it. If this happens in the family, the baby grows shy, irritable and nervous. But as soon as the relations in the family are adjusted, the confidence to the child immediately returns.

Raising Courage: Do not compare

Put the child as an example of other children - this is the mostThe main mistake of parents. Inferiority complex in this case is provided. It is a mistake to assume that if a child is told about the brave deeds of other children, he will stop being afraid, it is not so. He will only close in himself, so that he does not look like his other parents in the future. Also, one should not confuse natural caution with cowardice, this can be cultivated by timidity, which initially could not exist at all.

Excessive custody

Cowardice and timidity, lack of courageChild - all this can be due to the constant care of the baby. It happens that parents do not give the baby to the kindergarten, they do not give the opportunity to approach the animals. As a result, when he has to go to the first class, he turns out to be completely unfit for the world around him and opens it for himself for the first time. As a rule, much of it frightens in these discoveries. If there is no desire to give the child to a kindergarten, then it is necessary to conduct with him in another way the process of getting to know the world around him.
In conclusion, we can say that, despiteA huge number of fears, each child has his own achievements, for which he must be constantly praised. For example, if he is not afraid to stand under a cold shower or can easily jump over a ditch. By the way, physical education for education of courage is simply necessary. Here, not only courage will be brought up in the attainment of some results, but also the ability to maintain dignity will be brought up in the event of a defeat. In life, it is very important to be able not to lose heart in trouble. And the sport, among other things, educates in man the need not to give up, but to constantly fight and achieve new results.

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