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Sex education of preschool children

Where to begin?

Immediately it is better to drop tales of storks,Cabbage and other similar myths of our ancestors. It is to be hoped that no one now thinks about this. Do not torment your child with stories about a special store where you can buy children - the child will ask you to go there to this store and buy a brother for him or a sister.
Dislike and fear of the opposite sexIs the first sign that when he was a child with a child, they did not properly talk about such topics, and he used to think that the relationship between the sexes is something forbidden, embarrassing, and therefore contrary to the person. Do not repeat the mistakes of our less resourceful parent-parents in the child's sexual development! After all, some problems can develop due to ignorance of parents how to talk with their child.

Consequences of "fairy tales" of parents

It can also happen that a girl or a boy,Which since childhood was inspired by the fact that sex is bad, it was forbidden to talk about it, when it grows up, it just slides out of the reel and can become a sexual vampire. It is necessary to believe, to restrain for a long time your sexual energy is very difficult for a person who is not different from other people who will grow up, will face changes in physiology and will witness, for example, such relations of friends.
If the child learns everything only byStories of peers, then he too will have a wrong and very wrong opinion about sex and sexual relations. Children are pretty naive and simple. They just copy adults and sometimes they only have sex with them as a form of enjoyment. After all, no one wants the child to take from them vulgarity and cynicism? Sex should be perceived as a part of love and the child must immediately understand it. Then he will have the right idea about the relationship between the sexes, in the future he will be able to correctly and adequately assess his partner.


To start: Do not avoid talking about topics such as the child's sexual development. It is necessary to understand that for the baby there is no difference between questions about the moon, animals and sexes! They are just curious! And every curiosity needs to be rewarded! There is an option that if you hear the answer that suits him, he will not ask any more questions on this topic! If conversations are avoided, his interest will only be heated.
To speak it is necessary ONLY in essence and only available words. Do not quote textbooks on anatomy! Do not dismiss the words "still small, grow up - you will understand"!
Do not show internal tension -The attitude of parents to such issues should be smooth and calm. And you do not need to drive yourself into the head of the idea that such conversations are a sin. After all, it's strange, if a child does not care about such questions, it can be a signal about violations in the development of the psyche.

Summing up

You do not need to switch erotic scenes to movies,Explaining this with the words "well, debauchery!" It's just better to say that the film seemed uninteresting to you, if you can not stand it. And the best way out - somehow cleverly, but not jokingly, make a commentary on the situation, based on the plot of the film. After all, constantly the TV will not begin to switch and sooner or later the child will still see such scenes himself.
The result - if the parents themselves have complexes with respect to sexual relations, do not have to transfer them to the child. Everything is fine in moderation. Prohibitions have not brought anyone to the good again!
So you need to think about how and when to startSexual education of the child. And it is possible to start thinking about this even when the baby is just preparing to be born, because when puberty begins, it may be too late.

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