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Braiding pigtails article + video

Children's fashion for hairstyles

If you want your girl to look fashionable,Pay attention to such fashionable hairstyles as a square or a bean that more than one season are at the height of fashion. These hairstyles are not only fashionable, but also very practical, since you do not have to constantly mess around with long hair. Although long hair this season is also very relevant. They can make a variety of hairstyles, but they require more time for care. Universal among fashionable children's hairstyles at all times is usually considered pigtails and tails. By the way, pigtails are recognized as the most fashionable trend of 2012. When they are weaving, you can use a variety of ways that will help create different varieties of hairstyles. Children's weaving can include one, two braids, French, traditional weaving, "spikelet" or "bagel" - all these are great options for little girls. These children's hairstyles do not allow hair to crumble, fall and on the face, and stick to the neck. Hair in the scythe longer stay clean. Plus, the braided braid does not pull off the hair. Very original looks spit, made by technology "spikelet". Thanks to her hair looks even more shiny and lush. In a word, in the new 2012-year of the Black Water Dragon, moms should pay attention to stylish, original and creative braids for their babies.

You can decorate braids by weaving beads in them orBeautiful ribbons. The ends can be a little curled with curlers or curlers and leave them loose. On the side, this hair style can be decorated with a hair clip or flower, which will create an elegant effect. By the way, in this season, various accessories for hair are very fashionable.

The most fashionable accessories for tailsAre considered flowers or small bows of satin ribbons. They can be bought already ready or created independently, pasted on any elastic band or invisible. With this bright accent, your daughter will certainly look fashionable. However, if it is a question of hairdresses for girls in school, jewelry should not be very large and contrast.

Fashionable children's haircuts and hairstyles, the technique of their creation

As we have already said, the French braids todayvery fancy. They help to create a thick hair effect and look pretty elegant. It is not difficult to make such a braid. For her weaving, we take a part of the hair on the vertex and braid it from the beginning, like a regular braid. Further during the throwing of the strand, part of the hair is taken from the side. The hair will look stylish, if you braid three or four of these braids on the crown, and rest the hair a little twist and leave it loose. The options for the braiding of French braids are many and all are relevant in this season. Having mastered the basic technique, you can create more complex variants, for example, weaving two or more braids, braiding obliquely and so on.

Beams - this is another fashion trend of the season. Beams are allowed both low and high. A fashionable hairdo is considered to be a bunch of "Ballerina". We take hair and divide into a neat parting, it can be straight or oblique. Then low, at the very beginning of the tail we fix it. Then we twist the strand and fix the beam with the help of pins and invisible fingers. The final touch is a decoration in the form of a hoop.

By the way, elegant children's hoops are perfect,If the girl has a haircut bean or quads. These haircuts, decorated with beautiful accessories for hair, have become the best fashionable hairstyles for girls of all ages.

Another stylish hairstyle for the girl is her hair,Wound on curlers. You can decorate it with an elegant rim or bow. Not a bad and fashionable option - screwed from below the hair and on the crown of the laid curls, which are fixed with the help of hairpins.

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