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Baby hair for medium length hair

Baby hairstyles and their special features

Everyone knows that children's hairdos are noticeableVary from adults. They, as a rule, should be neat, at the same time smart and show the whole amount of energy, which makes the children's legs constantly run. The optimal version of children's hairstyles for medium length hair are various weaves, braids, tails, curls of hair. This version of the hairstyle is very suitable for school. On medium length hair, they will look very feminine and cute. By the way, these hairstyles are excellent throughout the day.

Baby hair for medium length hair


This gorgeous mid-length hairstyle suits those girls who want to look more mature. It is decorated with any brooch or hair clip.

It is necessary with the help of a parting to divide the hair into2 equal halves. A helper or foam is a perfect aid. With the help of hairpins and hands, from the hair do something that looks like a cocoon, the hair from both halves twist into bundles and hide its ends in the center under the hair. This design should be done as hard and as tightly as possible. We fix hairpins or invisible. Pautinka put the tips of hair and fix it with lacquer. It all depends on your patience and strength. You can just lay out the air spider web, or you can lay out the net from thin strings, decorating it with varnish with gloss. The final touch is a hairpin or a flower.


Very nice and simple to implement hair style forMedium length of hair. We collect the hair in the pony tail on its side and we braid (the smaller part) of it with a tight pigtail. From the resulting pigtail create a beautiful weaving, we form a wattle. The final touch - the tip of the tail turns to large curlers, and the surface of the head is decorated with sparkles or small beautiful clasps. We decorate with braids the pigtail or the whole head.


On both sides of the head from the hair at the temples of the shawl 2Pigtails and collect them from behind the head together. Strands of hair decorate these pigtails, and the ends of the hair from the rear. The received tail is decorated with a bow or fabric flower of medium size.

"Naughty childhood"

Great for young girls forMedium length, that have thin hair. We moisten hair abundantly with foam or mousse for hair and comb them. We divide, figuratively speaking, the head into uniform and beautiful squares. We make as many small tails as possible and fix them with small bright elastic bands, and we collect them together in a grid. In one lateral tail we deduce the tips of all the ponytails and lay them in the bun, then decorate it with a bow.

"Prima ballerina"

Elegant and at the same time a strict hairstyle forChild. Using the parting, divide the hair into 3 uneven parts. On the middle part of the hair we make a flagellum (two can be). Then we gather all the hair and ends of the flagella in the lower lateral part of the head into the bun. We hide the elastic band under the hair. If desired, you can fix it with lacquer. Jewelry for this hairstyle should be used neutral and very gentle.


This hairstyle is good for a festiveEvenings. We make a whole series of small braids along the whole circumference of the head, after which we make a grid of them. Pigtails and the remaining hair on the side of the head we collect in the tail, which we turn into a bumble-bee. The ends of the hair neatly hide the bottom of the bump or beautifully lead up. To decorate a hairdress it is possible a hairpin or an elegant ribbon.

"School love"

We collect on the vertex of even hair in a tight horsetail. Divide it into 2 halves, and each of them for another 2. From these pairs we twist a tight and neat double plait. For the beauty of strands of hair can be treated with gel or foam, it will help the hair in the bundles to lay a hair to the hair. Then these 2 bundles form into the shape of the heart, fixed very well with the studs. The final touch is the addition of a beautiful ribbon, rim or hairpin.

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