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Sleep after a year

Sleep after a year

After a year, it is necessary to teach the child to sleep during the day inStrictly defined time. Many parents put their children to bed at around 12.00-13.00, after the baby has already had lunch. It is advisable to feed the child with soup before a day's sleep, this meal will provide a sound and healthy sleep for the child.

How long should sleep last?

Some parents believe that the child shouldWake up yourself and do not need to wake him up. Some children can sleep in the afternoon for half an hour, while others sleep for about 3 or 4 hours. All this is a deviation from the norm and if the child wakes up after a minute's sleep, then everything must be done to make him fall asleep again. If a child has slept more than three hours, this will also have a bad effect on him. It will be inactive and sluggish. So do not let a lot of the child sleep. A healthy day and full sleep should be one and a half to two hours. Do not let the baby sleep after sunset.

Some parents believe that a child's day sleepHarmful and do not allow the baby to sleep during the day. This opinion is erroneous, because daytime sleep is very useful for the child. If you are going to give the child after a year in a nursery, then you just need to teach your child to sleep during the day.

Daytime sleep to the child is useful, it helpsRestore strength, energize and cheerful for the whole day. Do not forget that daytime sleep should be right, it should last two hours and be performed at the same time after lunch. In this case, the child will always be in a good mood.

Refusal of a day's sleep can cause problems. The child will begin to delay the day's sleep until it interferes with the night's sleep. Then you need to cancel the day's sleep, organize a quiet game or move the night's sleep to an earlier time. Reading fairy tales helps the baby to prepare for bed.

The child wakes up at night

As studies show, 15% of children after a yearWakes up at night. The reason for this may be a bad dream, which is caused by an unsuccessfully selected video, a terrible story told overnight, unsuccessful food. If a child wakes up, cries, you need to calm him down and try to put him to sleep again. Parental care will help him fall asleep.

We put the child to sleep

Hugs and the last kiss are very important forChild. The child should understand that the night is meant for sleeping. And if he is allowed to run and play after being sent to bed, he will not understand why he should stay in bed until morning. It is necessary to establish such a daily routine so that the baby can calm down and was ready to stay morally and physically all night in bed.

In conclusion, we add that a sleep for a child after a year is important both day and night.

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