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Baby hairstyles on long hair

Hairstyle "Setochka"

Among many children's hairstyles on long hairThis hairstyle has its pluses - with careful handling and washing your head it can hold for about 2 weeks. This hairstyle is very elegant and perfectly suited for children's holidays. For example, on a New Year's party for a Snow Maiden or Princess costume.

To create it you need a rubber band (tight, soft, large and small). Also it is necessary to get sparkles, varnish, comb and clips for weaving.

Initially, we separate the first row, and the remaining onesWe collect hair with an elastic band. Alternately, we break the hair into identical squares and fix them with elastic bands. On the hair should be 9 tails (3 on each side and 3 in the middle). Then we separate the second row, but do not forget that the following boxes do not have to be parallel to the squares of the first row. The overall pattern should resemble brickwork. Separating the first square of the second row, for example, in the middle, we begin to add half the tails from the two adjacent squares of the first (upper) row. Similarly, do with all the other squares and partitions. The total number of rows should be limited to the thickness of the hair. On thick hair do more than 3 rows is not worth it. But with long and thin hair you can bravely braid the whole head. Decorate the resulting mesh can be at will. To do this, you can use glitter that you need to sprinkle with varnish.

Hairstyle "Heart"

This hairstyle on long hair is very muchOriginal and at the same time simple. To begin with, we distribute the hair in two parts using a vertical parting. In each half from the occipital to the frontal lobe, we do an additional parting. From the occipital part we begin to weave a braid, then make a turn on the vertex and the tat already in the opposite direction. When weaving is done on both sides, the braids can be combined into one braid or two.

Hairstyle "Roman Setochka"

This hairstyle perfectly complements childhood fantasies aboutFairy fairies. With the help of a vertical parting we divide the hair into two parts (upper and lower). Lower, so it does not bother us, we collect it in the tail. The upper part is necessary for weaving. Making a slight slope to the side, we separate the strand of hair. Taking hair from both sides, we begin to weave the French braid. Separate the second strand cross on the cross to the first. Again weave the French braid. For one pigtail, just the same, we do on the right and left side. On the remaining long hair, the plait is already large braids, connecting them together with a rubber band and an elegant hair clip.

Hairstyle "Aerial Scythe"

We make a ponytail, then to facilitateWeave a little wet hair. After choosing a thin strand and plait an ordinary braid of three strands. From the tail attach to this braid hair on the principle of the French braid with the grasping of hair only on one side. We need to weave left to right, from the neck we hold a braid (a simple braid) and continue to engage in braiding the French braid. The principle of this hairstyle - based on the length of the hair, repeat the weave. A simple oblique finish weaving. The end of the braid is fixed with an elastic band, which we hide in the middle of the braid.

Hairstyle "Fluffy Strips"

Like all previous children's hairstyles, sheBased on braids. Beginning of creation of a hairdress: by means of a vertical selection by division of hair into 2 parts. With each of the parties it is necessary to weave a free French braid, at the same time one should only grasp the hair from one side. At the end of the weaving, fix the hair with a hair clip. Then, approximately, in the middle of weaving we take pigtails and with the help of invisibility we connect them together. The junction of the braids can be decorated with a flower or a hair clip.

These hairstyles on your daughter's long hair will turn her into a little princess!

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