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Folk methods of treatment of dry cough in children

This is especially necessary if coughingBothersome, barking, begins with bouts and suddenly. It may give the impression that the child has something stuck in his throat. If the cough prevents a child from falling asleep or sleeping peacefully at night, if coughing episodes end with vomiting, are accompanied by allergic reactions, high body temperature, a cold and worsened over time, it is necessary to immediately show the child to the doctor. All these signs may be symptoms of the disease, which the pediatrician should diagnose.

Usually a dry cough takes place with tracheitis,Laryngitis, pharyngitis. His treatment is reduced to calming the cough center at the time of another attack. This can help people's methods of treating dry cough in children.

Methods of treatment of dry cough in folk medicine

Remember that the choice of a folk remedy should be based on a diagnosis. Only knowing the reason for the cough, you can pick up a recipe that really helps.

Syrup based on althea root. For its preparation it is necessary to refineThe root of the althaea (1 glass), pour water in the volume of half a liter and boil for about an hour on low heat. Then add sugar (half cup) and boil for another hour. Cool and take twice a day for half a cup.

Decoction of nettle. Prepare from freshly harvested nettles. One hundred grams of nettle should be filled with water (about 1 liter), boiled on low heat for 10 minutes, let it brew for 30 minutes, then drain. It is recommended to take half a cup to 6 times a day.

Means based on licorice root. Fresh licorice root should be crushed, measuredThe resulting volume and mix with the same volume of honey. Insist during the day. To the resulting mass, add an equal volume of cooled boiled water, thoroughly mixing. Take in fits of dry cough in children up to eight times a day.

Procedures for inhalation with calendula and chamomile. Flowers of marigold and chamomile pharmacies (1 tbsp.) Should be added to freshly boiled water (2 liters), tightly covered and let stand for 5 minutes. Place the pan next to it so that it is with your seat on the same level and, opening the lid, breathe deeply the solution coming from the solution. For greater effect, it is recommended to bend over the pan and cover your head with a towel to create a greenhouse effect. The procedure should be carried out for 15 minutes, after which it is not necessary to stand up sharply, but to sit at rest in order to avoid dizziness. Inhalation should be performed daily until the cough becomes wet.

Decoction based on the mother-and-stepmother. On a liter of water boiling on low heat, you need to take 0.5 cup of chopped dry grass mother-and-stepmother. Boil for 30 minutes, drain the broth. It is recommended to take a tablespoon every hour.

Decoction based on oats. Oat flakes (1 tbsp.) Should be brewed in one liter of water and keep for 30 minutes on low heat, stirring constantly. Then let cool, before adding, add a teaspoon of honey to the broth and mix. Drink one glass in small sips 4 times throughout the day. This folk remedy effectively relieves dry cough with laryngitis and reduces irritation of the vocal cords.

Syrup based on aloe with honey. Before its preparation it is necessary to freeze 3Aloe leaf for 6 hours. After that, they can easily be softened and mixed with 1 tbsp. L. Candied honey. The resulting mass should be left to infuse for a day. Before taking the mixture thoroughly and drink 3 times throughout the day for 2 tsp. The duration of the course is two weeks, followed by a one-week break.

Syrup of radish. Radish grate, add sugar (0.5Glass), thoroughly mix and leave to infuse for 24 hours. The resulting syrup should be given to the child 4 times throughout the day before meals. It is recommended to drink with warm milk.

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