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Sexual development and upbringing of the child

On the sexual development and upbringing of the childThought himself in his works himself Sigmund Freud. Sexual development of the child combines both physical and mental development. The physical development includes primary and secondary sexual characteristics, and to the psychological - the one that the child himself feels. Often they must coincide. But sometimes there are anomalies. When a child feels himself not what his parents and others expected him to be. Today, medicine has learned to help where nature has made a mistake.

Sexual development of the child

Sexual development does not pass by the girls, nor past the boys. It starts on quite definite scenarios. In girls, sexual development occurs on average a couple of years earlier than in boys.

A year or two after the appearance of the firstMenstruation in girls comes puberty. Basically, sexual development begins in 9-10 years. This period is manifested by the development of the mammary glands and the growth of pubic hair. Girls begin to grow rapidly. Gradually begin to round off the hips, widening the pelvis. Ovaries increase in size.

As for boys, sexual growth beginsThey happen at the age of eleven. Just like girls, boys grow very fast in this period. On the pubic hair begins to appear, the penis begins to grow. The boys begin to break their voices during this period.

Sex education of a child

Parents are obliged to engage in sex educationHis child, otherwise it will make for him an abundance of pornographic material and violence on the Internet and on television. First of all, responsible parents should have at least a fundamental knowledge on the topic of sex education of children.

At the age of up to eight years the child beginsTo form sexual consciousness. This period is more acute in boys. At the age of three to four years, children often appear naked before adults. They are already beginning to personify themselves with this or that sex and want to show themselves. In no case should they be scolded and ashamed of it. On the contrary, parents should support the baby, say that everything is developing normally. Do not worry if the child saw one of the parents naked, for example, running into the bathroom. This will only help in his sexual education. Naturally, with the child, scenes of a pornographic nature and various depraved acts are completely ruled out. Starting from five to six years you can hear a question that scares most parents: "how did I come into the world?" Each parent gets out of this situation as he can. In principle, it is not necessary to feed children with fairy tales about storks and cabbage. Tell them everything as it is. Anyway, they will soon find out the truth, so let it sound better from your lips. Parents should explain to the child what is characteristic of girls, and what for boys. For example, if a boy puts on a dress or starts using his mother's makeup. This does not mean that your son has a pathology. Perhaps he just did not understand yet that only girls wear dresses.

When a child goes to the first grade, heA new stage of puberty begins. Children actively begin to communicate with the opposite sex. Teaching by a teacher plays a very important role here. He should be sympathetic to the next period of puberty, especially in boys. Girls are usually quieter and more modest than boys.

The next most important stage of puberty -teenage years. The main task in sex education at this time is the correct moral preparation of the girls for menstruation, the boys for the wetness. There are first sexual needs. Many teenagers are acutely concerned about their sexual inferiority. Sex education is engaged in sexual education of young people.

Remember that for your child, all changes occur for the first time. Your first priority is to support it and fully understand it.

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