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Children's hobbies and hobbies

How to determine the creative inclinations of the baby?

Usually children's talents and genius abilitiesBegin to appear in children at a very early age, starting from just two years old. Parents are important in time to notice them and support the baby in such important for him endeavors. Children with pronounced talent are rare. Most often the child is in constant search of himself. In this case, children's hobbies are very versatile. He likes to take apart toys and put something new out of the resulting details, and after a couple of hours he is already a great musician who demonstrates to all his surroundings his newly discovered talents. Thus, children seek their "I", they try to understand what they have a soul for, what is closer to them. The child realizes in his hobbies. Another thing if the child is not interested in anything, he does not have a hobby. Nothing happens by itself. So parents, being at the child in unquestioned authority, began to indicate to him what hobby to have and what interests and hobbies to develop in oneself. As a result, the kid suppressed his own passions and, in the end, lost interest in everything. On the other hand, do not overdo it with a hobby. When you reload your child with different sections, his body becomes very tired. As a result, general weakness and various diseases on this soil may appear. Start with something one. And do not give it to the chorus, if you just dream of seeing your child in a couple of years in some next song contest. If he tries to draw - take him to an art school; Dances when he hears music - for dancing and so on. Take your child with special attention, he will reveal his talents to you.

How to find a hobby to your liking?

Today there is just crazyA variety of all sorts of circles for children of different ages. On children's hobbies and hobbies, parents begin to wonder when a child is only two or three years old. Indeed, it is very difficult for parents to decide and make the right choice in favor of this or that hobby and a hobby, to identify from a hundred children's circles only a few that will be of most interest to the baby. Very often we make mistakes, trying to impose on children what they themselves could not realize in their childhood. For example, my mother wanted to learn how to draw, but without special abilities, she did not realize this dream. And suddenly she finds a way out - it did not work out for me, it will be at my daughter's. So she begins in every way to impose on the little girl the need to go to art school, instead of understanding what exactly the child is interested in, what she is passionate about.

To maintain the child's physical healthThere are various sports sections: yoga, karate, football, volleyball, tennis, figure skating and many others. They will help your child to be always in good shape, will develop a sporting spirit in him. A swimming section is perfect for children. In the child's pool can be given away in three years. Swimming develops all the muscles and is one of the most useful sports. Well develop physical health, and also form a beautiful sports figure dancing. Which to choose is a rather complicated question. Suggest a few options for the crumb, let him stop at the most interesting for him. For subtle and creative natures, the sections of modeling, music, drawing, macrame, and others are perfect. They will help your baby to express themselves.

Children's years are flying very fast. Help your crib conduct them with benefit and interest.

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