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Types of education in the family

Traditional education

Traditional education in the family is reduced to,That the child must listen to his parents without question. The most common forms of such education are moralizing, notation, "reading morals"; Parents make up and study the rules of behavior with the child. The kid does not have the right to opinion, this is the exclusive privilege of the parents. The child is imposed a parental outlook, their life beliefs. This kind of upbringing does not see a personality in the child. It tries to destroy the rudiments of the individual in it. Education in such a family is "one size fits all". If there is a conflict between the child and the parents, they do not try to come to a consensus, do not lead logical arguments in support of their rightness, but try to suppress the will of the child with their authority and so-called experience. Basically, modern families do not support this type of upbringing. This is due to its low efficiency. Often choosing a traditional upbringing, parents psychologically traumatize their children.

Indulging upbringing

The main principle of indulgent upbringing is a childShould be happy at all times. Parents try to avoid any conflicts with the child. The kid does not know the word "impossible". There are no prohibitions for it in principle. He becomes the center of the family and the center of the universe. But do not forget that very soon your child will face a society where he can no longer always be a central person without any prohibitions. Such upbringing can lead to his spoiling and selfishness. In addition, in the future, a real tyrant and despot may grow up from this child. Therefore, this approach is also better not to use in the process of raising a baby.

Developing upbringing

Developmental education provides forAnd development in the child of possible abilities. The kid should be part of the learning process. Parents are obliged to encourage him to independently study any new material for him. In accordance with the developing type of education, the child must be intelligent, he must have talents for anything. It is important for parents not to forget that by developing the child's mind and talent, it is also necessary to inculcate ethics and morals.

Programmatic education

When choosing a programming education in the familyUsually do not pay attention to the aspirations and desires of the child. Since childhood, parents are laying the so-called program for him, which the baby will have to implement in the future. Usually these are the dreams and desires of the parents, which they for some reason could not bring to life. Such upbringing can break the child's psyche, suppress his "I". Make it malleable to someone else's opinion. It does not threaten the child's ability to express and defend his own opinion in the future.

Episodic education

There are types of families who spend all their timeat work. Careerism simply absorbs them. The child never has time. Parents are practically not involved in the upbringing of the baby. Who he grows up depends only on his surroundings. Namely: relatives, friends, acquaintances and teachers.

Person-oriented education

This is the most favorable upbringing of the child. Parents develop in the child morality. The baby develops in perfect harmony. Parents teach the child independence, sound adherence to principle, defend his personal opinion and respect the opinion of others, introduce him to universal values.

Types of education in the family are really diverse. Naturally, it is you - the parents, choose which one to use.

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