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Baby hairstyles from 10 years to 12 years

The basic rules of children's hairstyles from 10 years to 12 years

Baby hairstyles for girls have their ownFeatures. For example, before 12 years it is completely forbidden to do a girl's perm, milling, coloring, dreadlocks, heavily saturated with the use of discoloration of hair dyeing. By the way, the latter can provoke unwanted burns and irritations on tender baby skin. If necessary, based on life situations, you can change the hairstyle of a child under 12 years old, for example, a girl to an actress, using exclusively vegetable dyes, and for stowing heavily unruly hair and making funny curls - hair curlers. Plumkoy, creating hairstyles from the age of ten, is forbidden to use, since it destroys the hair of children and their structure. Of course, up to 10 years of its use can not be out of the question. Creating a hairdo in this age period takes an essential part of the time. This is due to the fact that children's laying should be interesting and at the same time practical. But at the same time such hairstyles for young women of fashion completely reject the harmful means of styling, which have a negative effect on the skin, causing allergies and provoking hair loss. So, if you decided to please your daughter, starting from the age of 10, with fashionable elegant hairstyles of complex execution, you will manage to pack with usual water with sugar.

Types of children's hairstyles for this age category

All these hairstyles can be easily done at home by yourself.

Casual children's hairdress from 10 years old

This is a very quick and easy hairstyle for a girl,Which actually looks on the hair of medium length, beginning with the age of ten. In order to make a low tail of the harnesses, you need two invisibles and an elastic band.

  1. We comb the hair back and divide them into two parts. From one half to the inside we twist the tourniquet.
  2. Hold the tourniquet and create the second one.
  3. In the low tail with the help of a rubber band we connect these two strands.
  4. Separate the inner part of the tail of a flat strand of hair and wrap it with a rubber band several times.
  5. We fix the end of the strand with the invisible on the inside of the hairstyle crosswise.

Elegant hairstyle for a girl of 12 years

This kind of hairdress from the age of twelve is called "A bundle of bundles".

To create it you need: 2 dense elastic bands, 10 invisible, decoration (small butterfly, flower).

  1. Separate the upper part of the hair, we make from it a tail fixed by an elastic band.
  2. Divide all the hair from the tail into 3 identical parts. We make 2 bundles and 1 braid in the middle.
  3. The harness that is on the left, we lay over the elastic band, the end is thrown to the other side. We fix by invisibles.
  4. The second tourniquet is settled by a beautiful flat oval beam, we fix it. We lay the scythe around the bundle, fasten it, hiding the end in the hair.
  5. From the bottom hair we make a ponytail and fix it with a tight elastic band.
  6. Divide the hair into 2 parts and create 2 bundles.
  7. We make a neat round beam, we fix the wires with invisible ones.

The final touch - invisible fixes poorly holding parts of the hairstyle. We use the decoration.

Hairstyles for girlsETo with rim

Great for a child, starting from 10 years. The bezel gives the girls a cute and elegant look, which is very important to the girl, from this age.

  1. Carefully comb the hair and wind it on the curlers to get the playing curls.
  2. In front, with the help of a hoop, we collect hair. A hoop of any size and color is suitable.
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