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How to teach a child to learn poetry

How to teach a child to learn poetry: methods

  • Known by all the method of carrot is absolutely notIs suitable. If for the learned lines to promise a reward, then the taste and interest in the occupation is not grafted accurately. Also, you can easily imagine what it will lead to, if this gingerbread is removed at some moment ... no less famous method of a whip also does not work. He can kill for ever even the most inconspicuous beginners of something right. It would seem that the situation is hopeless, but it is not so. Often the reason lies in the parents who deal with the baby, they just do it wrong. In the education of the child, everything plays an important role: his age, psychological characteristics, temperament and even some literary preferences.
  • There is a very good method of memorizing poetry -Turn it into a game. And the younger the child, the easier it is to do it. If you try to learn a poem in this way, the simplest can be learned with a kid, who is one and a half years old. To do this, you need to pronounce almost the entire line, and the child will add the last word.
  • It's also a good way to try to draw a poem. This method will not only help in learning, but will also promote the development of figurative thinking in the child.
  • If something does not add up to drawing, you canUse the rhythm. A common ball can help in this. When you toss it over, you should repeat the line after the line. You can add marching or dancing. The main thing is not to forget about the main goal and constantly recite the poem. Thus, the transformation of learning into a game will be imperceptible.


If there is a desire to instill in the child a love forPoems, there is a proven way - to stage it, and at the same time to accompany certain describing movements. You can also offer the child to stay in the role of a famous actor. In order for the kid to feel the seriousness of the event, it is recommended that he wear a smart suit and place mats to determine the territory of the scene. Thus, the child is brought up with enthusiasm for learning the poem through his interests and needs.

Learn a little bit

Even if everything went well, learn all at onceVerse is not worth it, to avoid the formation of cereal in your head. Here it is necessary to act by the method of accumulation. A certain scheme will do. For example, first learn one line, then add a second one and sharpen the two, without adding anything else. Then you can go to the third, and so the whole poem. This method is not only simple, but also very effective. If you teach the poem in this way, then forgetting it later will be quite difficult.


If from an early age to practice with the child the teaching of the poems by heart, it is very beneficial to reflect on the development of his memory, speech and the perception of all the beautiful in this life.

There are a lot of methods and they are all different. Select should be based only on the individual characteristics of each child. Parents need only patience and attentiveness, so as not to miss often rather subtle moments of preferences or vice versa disagreements of the baby.

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