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Festive hairstyle for girls

Festive children's hairdress for any event

As a rule, parents choose holidayHairstyles for the girl are very neat and at the same time elegant and childishly unusual. We offer for you a beautiful evening hairstyle, which, for example, is perfect for a girl at graduation in the 4-5 m class or on the birthday of a baby. If you think this hairstyle is very complicated, you can practice first, before you do it. In order for this festive styling to turn out as neat as possible, we recommend that you do it several times. So, if for you it is not difficult to make a "cockleshell", a curl and you are perfectly able to cope with baby hair of any length - this elegant hairstyle is for you. If you have not done anything like this before, contact the professionals who will repeat all the actions without much difficulty and make a delightful hairstyle that will hold the whole holiday.

Required Tools

This festive hairstyle is performed on clean damp and even hair! You need:

  • Comb comb with separator;
  • Hairpins;
  • Invisibility;
  • Accessories for decoration.

Technique: step by step

  1. With the help of the parting we separate the front part of the hair to the crown and staminate it so that it does not interfere with the main styling.
  2. All other hair must be combed in the direction to the left.
  3. On the one hand with the hair clip we fix all the hair.
  4. Then, twisting the hair inside the hair, you need to make a "shell". We take the studs and fix the obtained "shell" as tightly as possible.
  5. We take the front hair and separate, approximately, 1/3 part of the hair from behind with the parting.
  6. With the help of a slightly oblique hair part.
  7. Then the right part is twisted into the curl shape and placed on the left above the shell.
  8. We take invisibility and with its help we pin a curl.
  9. The left part should be combed back so that it was from the "shell" on the right.
  10. After it must be lowered along the "shell" down.
  11. At the end of the strand we make a curl and fix it with the help of the invisibility.
  12. Using a horizontally made parting we split the front hair in half
  13. In order to prevent the front part in the process of creating a hairstyle, we pin it.
  14. We divide by means of the parting of the back part into two equal parts.
  15. The right part of the hair must be combed to the left.
  16. We twist the hair into a tourniquet (the main thing is that it should beNot tight), at the end of this rope we make another curl. After, the resulting curl is placed to the left of the "shell", immediately under the other one. We fix it with invisibility.
  17. We comb the left side of the hair back, and at the end of the strand we create a beautiful curl.
  18. The curl must be stabbed over the shell, right in the middle.
  19. Now we are doing the rest of the front hair. Take this hair and comb it to the left, then twist it in a tourniquet.
  20. The obtained tourniquet is placed between the two curls and fixed by invisibility.
  21. We pass to the end of the bundle. It must be twisted into a curl and put up on top. We fix the curl of the invisible.
  22. The final touch is the main fixation of the whole hairstyle. Tightly fix it in those places where it does not hold very tight.

A smart hairstyle for a girl is ready! Festive hairstyle is decorated with several small or one large flower.

And the last. As a rule, many festive for the girl styling implies the use of hairspray. In case you have not previously used a varnish to create a baby's hairdo, do not experiment, because the varnish can cause allergies. As a means of fixation, you can use sweet water (1 cup of sugar for a glass of water). Therefore, before you make a curl, moisten the hair with sweet water. This method fixes the hairstyle not worse than the lacquer of strong fixation.

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