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Education of personal qualities of the child

Education of personal qualities of the child isTransfer of knowledge about the correct forms of behavior in society, focusing on common norms and values. Therefore, the upbringing of the child primarily involves personal examples on which the child will learn from his teacher.

Stages of education of personal qualities

So, let's talk about what stages of education of personal qualities of the child exist.

The first stage is the formation of the child's need for knowledge of the social world and the development of certain qualities.

The second stage is the child's mastering of knowledge and concepts about personal qualities.

The third stage - the formation of various skills, skills and habits of behavior.

The child will be able to go through all these stages only in thatCase, when education will include various forms of active work. Therefore, the task of the educator is to organize a case, and then motivate the child to take an active part in it. It is necessary to remember that from time to time, the purpose of education of the necessary qualities can vary, depending on the fact that the child learns what conclusions it makes and how it reacts to situations. The upbringing of personal qualities is influenced by changes that occur in society. The teacher should follow them to orient the child correctly. But it is worth noting that in any society such qualities as humanity, spirituality, freedom and responsibility are valued. To educate these qualities, the teacher must clearly understand the goal and find an individual approach to each child. Only in this way he will be able to quickly achieve the result and be sure that the pupil has received all the necessary skills and can properly set life priorities.

Multifactor education of personal qualities

Remember that education is alwaysMultifactorial. The personality is constantly influenced by a wide variety of life factors. Therefore, you can not try to educate all children equally. It is necessary to select ways depending on what external factors can affect the child's worldview and the formation of his values. Also do not forget that all children have different characters. For example, one encourages strict treatment for action, while others, on the contrary, frighten. An anxious and vulnerable child will perceive such a form of education as humiliation and insult on the part of the teacher.

Another important fact, which is alwaysThe educator should remember - education never gives an instantaneous effect. Therefore, do not try to instill in your child all the necessary qualities at a time. Children do not always understand what teachers are trying to convey to them because of the most diverse factors that affect them. Therefore, you need to show the child how to behave and react to certain events by example, repeating this until you see that the child consciously repeats your model of behavior.

Positive emotional background for education

Working with children, it is necessary to createPositive emotional background. Therefore, the teacher should closely monitor the fact that the team had a good relationship. There must be equality between them. Also, in no case need to focus on the mistakes and mistakes of the child.

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