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Breastfeeding with influenza

The benefit of continuing breastfeeding with the flu

If my mother got sick with the flu, then much earlier,The beginning of the manifestation of any clinical signs of the disease, the child himself is already supplied with milk by the causative agent of the disease, certain antibodies to the causative agent. When a mother or doctors treating her find the presence of a disease, the baby is already either sick, or "vaccinated" from this disease. Excommunication from the breast in this case is equal to depriving the baby of the unique unique medicine intended only for him, which he receives from the mother's milk. Boiling milk destroys the causative agent of the disease and all the protective factors of milk. A bandage of gauze, which is dressed after the appearance of the flu, does not protect from the pathogens in milk. You do not need to excommunicate neither the sick child, nor the one who is still healthy. It is mother's milk - the baby's ability to avoid getting infected with the flu, despite the fact that he gets the causative agents daily. Excommunication of a healthy baby at the time of his mother's illness will put him at risk of getting influenza. In clinical studies on the example of the flu, it was proved that a child who was without immune protection is more likely to get sick, but recovers more slowly than a baby who was not weaned. It will be easier to do so that the child receives the medicine directly through the mother's milk.

What if my mother was ill with the flu?

For the treatment of influenza, in addition to antipyretic andSymptomatic drugs, certain antiviral agents, based on interferon preparations, can usually be used. It is better that these funds are prescribed by a doctor, although some of them, for example, "influferron", can be used alone. Most of them are also compatible with lactation.
The rise in temperature is a sign of struggleOrganism with the disease. The temperature to 38 degrees can be lowered by non-medicinal means, for example, drinking more. You can use cranberry juice, sweet tea with honey and lemon, rose hips. These drinks also contain vitamin C, this is very important in case of illness. And with the increase in temperature, sweating, breathing through the mouth, the fluid is dramatically lost.

To reduce the temperature above 38 degrees, you canUse paracetamol, viburcol suppositories, wiping with a solution of vinegar (the ratio of vinegar to water is 1: 2). It is better to remember the principle: if a medicine can be given to a child, then you can take it and your mother without harming the baby.
As symptomatic agents, doctorsAdvise herbal and homeopathic medicines. For example, in the treatment of the common cold, Aquamaris is used (it consists of water and sea salt), and for the throat it is advised to use various solutions for rinsing, for example, Tonzinal or sprays, it is possible to have Geoxoral.

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