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A child breaks toys

A child breaks toys

Children behave this way not because they want to doSpite and annoy adults. The child, getting into the world of things, wants to understand how this or that thing works, he wants to know what's inside. He becomes a researcher, a child likes to experiment with things. He just wants to figure out what the toys are made of. You can give an inquisitive child an old camera or a broken watch, let them disassemble. The child must disassemble things under your supervision, because these things can have small details, and they should not fall into the mouth of small researchers.

For such children there are many good designers,Collapsible toys. These can be large blocks, with which you can build caves and fortresses, high mountains, build towers and mountains. It is good to throw inflatable and rag balls. This child can be given skittles. The task of parents to relieve the tension of the baby. This can be done with the help of clay, salty dough, clay. And if you allow the baby to participate in baking cake and he will knead the dough, the child's joy will not be the limit.

Different designers exist to ensure that theirCollect and disassemble. If you are not afraid of dirt, you can cover the floor with polyethylene, put a bath with sand and play it with molds, sovochkami and so on. Give the baby to break the cakes and pies, molded from the sand, he will do so with such pleasure. And there's so much snow around in winter that you can frolic. In the autumn, you can arrange leaf falls, if you toss up colored leaves. In this case, you need to explain that a broken toy can not be returned.

Often the baby breaks toys and gets frustrated byAll that has happened. No need to scold the child. Toys should be chosen carefully, it is better to buy a high-quality and expensive machine than a few cheap, but fragile. Each kid passes in his life such a stage, when he throws, breaks and tears toys. It's useless to scold a child, you just set it against yourself, and he will never stop playing toys. Switch the attention of the child and direct his energy to good deeds, and then the child will cease to do harm and will give good.

The reasons why children break toys:


The kid at an early age learns the mechanismsManagers of the world. This also applies to toys, often toddlers, dismantling a toy, try to find out what's inside. This applies to moving and talking dolls, radio-controlled helicopters and so on.

Lack of parental attention

Modern parents do not have time to pay attention toTheir children, are very busy with work and pay off expensive gifts from them. But all this will not replace the child's communication with their parents. And breaking toys, the child thus provides the attention of parents and relatives. Children understand that such behavior attracts the attention of relatives, even if this behavior is bad.

Process of the game

When a child is playing a story game, heIdentifies himself with the characters. Therefore, he wants to "kill" the evil dragon, the wolf and so on. A "kill" a toy can only be destroyed. Here the child is given an example of computer games and TV.

The need to throw out aggression

Feeling anger and resentment, the child is looking where you can"Devalue" the negative emotions. Often parents, when they are overwhelmed by aggression, shout at children, the child also copies the behavior of adults and does not find another way out, shouts at toys, smashes and breaks them.

It is difficult to teach a child under the age of sevenAttributed to toys carefully, so that the child does not break toys, but the breakdown of toys can be minimized and do not give the child a reason to behave in a similar way. You need to give the baby such toys, which he will take care of and love. Such concepts as love and care the kid is able to absorb from 4 years.

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