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How to raise a child's love for the mother

The main reasons for the disappearance of the child's feelings of love for the mother

A child can treat his mother more coldly ifMom shows itself strictly in relation to the baby, or she can be constantly busy and do not always pay attention to the child. His poor behavior towards his mother, the kid is trying to attract due attention. In addition, if moms spend the whole day with children, the kids are much more fun to play with the pope, whom they see only in the evenings or with their grandparents who come once a week, but at the same time have time to pamper the crumbs as mum and dad can not taken together. And the mother is just a storehouse of prohibitions for the child: "do not go there," "do not touch it," "do not do this" and so on.

Parenting in the child of love for the mother

Question: "How to raise a child's love for the mother?"Some moms ask themselves a bit late. It is necessary to begin from the moment of his birth, and it is better even nine months before his birth. The kid feels your love for him. It is important for him to see his mother balanced, smiling, loving and calm. If a negative emotion appears in the mother, it does not matter who or what the child is associated with, the child can take them in their direction. From the way a child treats his mother, his whole life depends. The upbringing of the child in the family takes place in a certain social setting. In many ways, this situation depends on the woman. It is the mother who teaches the child to love himself on his own example. The kid feels all her care. For the upbringing in the child of the love for the mother, not only motherly love is needed. The mother must have incredible patience and poise. Any kid catches the sincerity of your attitude towards him. It is important for him to feel that you are not just messing around with him, as this is your duty, but truly caring and worrying for your child. To bring up crumbs is not as easy as sometimes it seems. All the mistakes that you make in the upbringing of the baby can affect his attitude to both the mother and all people in general. The child must feel that he is loved and desired. Then he will give his reciprocal love to his mother, try to constantly rejoice her.

Being a mother is real happiness. Especially you understand this when your child with such tenderness says: "Mom, I love you!". But, unfortunately, not always mothers hear this phrase from children. It seems that you love this little creature more than life, and you are ready to sacrifice everything in the white world for his sake, and treated him with special love even before his birth, and as a result you hear: "I do not love you!" "You are a bad mother ! ", And other sharp and striking in the heart of the phrase. This can be heard by almost all parents. Mom starts to despair, to look for the reason for such statements. Often these phrases absolutely do not mean that the baby does not love his mother. They can be the result of prohibitions, punishments, not fulfilling the desires and demands of the child. Thus, the little one draws your attention to the fact that he is not pleased with something, offended. With the same success, he can not talk with you, go to cry and scatter his pears. In this situation, the mother must correctly behave. In no case should you criticize a child for such expressions, do not use physical influence in relation to crumbs, do not be indifferent and do not make concessions, doing whatever he wants.

How is the child brought up by the love of the mother? All that is necessary for a crumb at his tender age is love and understanding on the part of people close to him, especially mothers. Treat your child with warmth and patience, and you will feel his reciprocal love.

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