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Baby food at 7 months old

What foods can be added to the baby's diet?

Children who are on the breastFeeding, in 7 months should already receive the third lure. This is meat and soup, pureed vegetables. It's good to add rye or white breadcrumbs to the soup. Meat, like other new dishes, should be given to the child gradually, starting with half a teaspoon, then one spoon and gradually increasing the dose to 2-3 spoons of canteens. In the beginning, vegetable puree must be made from vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, turnip, potatoes. These vegetables contain: carbohydrates, pectin, minerals. Fiber in these vegetables is in a small amount. You need to start with one vegetable, gradually adding others. Later include tomatoes, squash, cabbage, beetroot in puree. Meat should be low-fat, preferably beef. Giving a baby needs it in the form of mashed potatoes. Also, instead of a cooked meat house, you can give your child special high-quality canned meat. But you should know that canned food from the liver is not recommended, since this body accumulates various harmful substances. In addition, the liver can provoke an allergy in the child, this also applies to poultry meat.

At seven months in baby food include yolkChicken egg, hard boiled. Yolk is rubbed together with breast milk, until a uniform mass is formed. But the yolk should be given with caution, first - at the tip of the spoon, and if no allergic reaction is followed, then you can gradually increase the dose to 0.4-0.5 yolks per day. It is good to add mashed yolk in vegetable puree or porridge. Also at 7 months, the children's menu can be replenished with a mild biscuit and soft cheese. Grated cheese is good to add to soups.

At the age of seven months,"Introduce" the child with sour-milk products - this is cottage cheese and yogurt. These products are prepared from cow's milk, which is fermented with cultures of fungal leaven or lactic acid bacteria. They are very well digested, displace from the intestines pathogenic microbes and reduce the processes of fermentation. Especially they are recommended to children, who have unstable stools.

Adding porridge to the baby's diet

In the diet at this age graduallyIntroduce the milk-cereals. Cereals contain a large number of vegetable proteins, fiber, starch, minerals and vitamins. Cooking should be medium consistency. Before you choose cereals, from which you will cook porridge, consider the following: buckwheat contains iron and vitamins in a larger amount than rice. The rice also contains more starch. Porridge should be single-component when administered. Porridge on cow or goat milk, if there are no allergic reactions. If the milk is a child's allergy, then it can be cooked in breast milk, on a milk formula or on water. The first dose should be scanty, then gradually increase.

Other recommendations when introducing new products

In the diet of a baby in 7 months you can add: Vegetable mashed potatoes, cereals, both dairy, and without milk, meat, chicken yolks, fruit juices, a little vegetable and butter, kefir and cottage cheese. For this month, on average, a child collects about 550 grams in weight and about 2 cm in height.

During this period, a doctor'sA toddler who knows his individual characteristics of development. He should monitor the behavior of the child's body when introducing new foods into the diet.

But it is worth knowing that before adding a new oneProduct on the menu, pay attention to the state of health of your child, his appetite, allergies, bloating, etc. Do not feed the child by force, perhaps he does not like the taste or the food is too hot. Feed this time with his breast or mixture, and then be sure to find the reason for his refusal. But at this age, the main food should be breast milk or milk formula.

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