/ How to put the baby to sleep during the day?

How to put the baby to sleep during the day?

Why do small children need to sleep during the day?

The child, as a rule, with interestLearns the world, so refuses to sleep during the day, because he is sorry to waste his time for sleep. But it's worth giving in to the whim of a child and not putting him to bed, then by evening he becomes whiny and capricious. In most cases, a child who has not slept in the day, falls asleep before dinner, and wakes up around 9 o'clock in the evening, rested and ready for new discoveries and games. Most likely, the child will calm down and go to bed closer to midnight, and will wake up early in the morning. Thus, the regime of the day is violated. The more often the situation will be repeated, the more difficult it will be to put the child to sleep in the daytime. But the child just needs a day's sleep in order to relax, relieve emotional tension, gain strength. In short, the daytime sleep of a child is an obligatory component of the correct regime of the day.

From the first days we observe the child

Each child has his own biorhythm and temperament. Therefore, if you are careful, you can see how the child behaves before falling asleep: he turns, yawns, quietly lies. Noticing such "harbingers" of sleep you will not only understand what the child wants, but also be able to adapt to the needs of the child.

When should the child be laid to sleep?

It is better to divide the daytime rest into two parts, the firstFold the bed after breakfast, and the second time after dinner. The desire to sleep can be expressed in different ways. The kid can yawn, rub eyes, and can begin to play with the greatest activity.

Remember the rituals

Every day, putting the baby to bed, it is necessaryTo observe a certain sequence of actions. For example, pull curtains, put pajamas on a child, put it in a crib, pat on the belly or on the back, tell a fairy tale or sing a lullaby.

Cozy bed

Sometimes a child can not sleep because of the inconvenience: Too heavy a blanket, a hard mattress, a pillow for it is too high. Therefore, the child should have a comfortable bed and bed linen. Linen should be made of natural fabric.

Walk more on the street

Everyone knows that sleep is a rest. Therefore, make sure that the child is tired and wants to rest. Before lunch, the child should move more, walk in the fresh air. If a child spends his energy on the street, then upon returning home, he will want to lie down and most likely he will fall asleep quickly. Actively you can spend time at home. But 30-60 minutes before sleep is recommended for calm communication.

Calm and only calmness

Often a grown up child, while in bed, asks for something to show or bring. But when the next request is already the tenth, it is difficult to restrain and not get angry. But you need to keep yourself in hand.

I will not and do not want to!

If you can not persuade your child to go to sleepIn the afternoon, it is worth changing his regime of the day. You can, for example, instead of a two-day day's sleep, try to lay the child in the afternoon once. If the child moves little, spends little time on the street, then he will not have time to get tired and will find himself from daytime sleep. But if the child stubbornly does not want to sleep during the day, despite all the tricks, it is necessary to contact a pediatric neurologist for advice.

When will it be possible to refuse a day's sleep?

Approximately at the age of four children stopIn the afternoon to sleep. Some children refuse to sleep the day before. However, in most cases, the child's desire does not coincide with his capabilities. If a child does not sleep in the daytime, and then cries and fits, then he is not yet ready to give up daytime sleep.

Remember! If a child who has been sleeping more than three hours in a row for more than three hours, it is necessary to wake him cautiously so that there are no problems with the evening falling asleep.

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