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Sexual education of a child

Sex education from kindergarten

The principles of sexual education of the child in othersCountries are promoted and considered acceptable from an early age. For example, in private and public kindergartens in countries such as the US, Germany, France there is a special program that is based on the teaching of sexual behavior. This course is taught by teachers, equipped with printed and electronic manuals, which are accessible to the kids. Such education and familiarity with intimate issues, according to psychologists, should begin at the age of three. Therefore, inmates of preschool institutions are obliged to know about simple rules of communication between opposite sexes by the time they enter the secondary educational institution. Such a program saves parents from unpleasant explanations and answers to questions that drive them into a dead end. Secondly, all information received by the children is provided with professional explanations. By the way, following the above-mentioned countries, followed by the Chinese and Japanese. Their plans also include the introduction of kindergarten classes, where sexual education will be considered.

Sexual education of children and problems associated with it

Most parents are not able to explainHis child the most important details that the child is interested in. Because of this, he can grow shy and withdrawn. Plus, in the future it will be much more difficult for him to build relationships with the opposite sex because of fear and even dislike. And all this, first of all, the consequences of the fact that in childhood the child was wrongly put into sexual perception. Many people start to believe that the relationship between a guy and a girl is something forbidden and shameful, which is contrary to human nature. If during the whole childhood a boy or girl was tried to explain that sex is shameful and bad, forbidding even talking about this topic, the child simply can start not to perceive sex.

Well, if parents see how to raise a child withoutRaising these topics, the teenager will grow up zakomleksovannym. It is best if he learns about the sexual relationship between a man and a woman from his parents, and not from strangers. Learning about sex from the latter, he may have a dubious opinion about the relationship of the sexes. After all, children are by nature very naive and tend to always copy the behavior of adults. Sometimes in children, sex is perceived as some kind of pleasure.

It is very important for parents to convey to the child the idea ofThe fact that the closeness between a man and a woman must be perceived as part of love. Only then will the child form a correct attitude towards sex and in the future he will be able to adequately assess his soul mate. Avoid talking on this topic is not worth it. For the baby, there is no special significance between questions about animals and the birth of children.

Children always learn the world in terms of howIm all interesting. Therefore, after receiving a more or less tolerated answer, the baby will stop asking his question. During the conversation, parents should not show internal tension, their attitude to such a topic should be calm and smooth. But if the child is not interested in this kind of issues, you need to think about the violation of mental development and seek counseling from a psychologist.

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