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How to make a child obey

Obedience of the child

Making a child obey from an early age -Is a far from simple task. Various scientific works on this subject and the analysis of child behavior at an early age prove that child disobedience is directly dependent on the public errors of their parents. We do not need to go far beyond the example, this happens everywhere when one parent permits and the other forbids, worse, the grandmother begins to aunt her beloved but punished grandson. At first the child is confused, who to listen to, then he starts to choose what is profitable for him. Later, your child begins to lie and as the final chord - to force the child to obey can only his personal benefit and this with a favorable outcome. In the worst case, he already does not listen to anyone's orders and is left to himself. The most negative variant - the child leaves on street with all following consequences.

Therefore, in relations with the child, one should not allowLike dissonance. You can not begin a conversation with him on high tones. From the very beginning of the appearance of the child in the house, one must be made to obey any parental order given in a calm voice.


An important factor in family relations isPersonal relationships between all adult family members. If the child hears, worse, is a direct witness of parents' conversations in high-pitched tones, one should not expect something good in the future. Sooner or later such scenes will repeat, but only one of the main figurants will be your grown-up son or daughter.

Threats and physical punishments, you also do notAchieve positive results. At a young age, he can believe in a threat, but with age, it all passes. In the end, the child begins to understand that, as such, punishment will not follow, which means there is nothing to fear.

Encouraging children's curiosity with oneParties and all sorts of bans on the other hand, it's very difficult to understand all this at once to the child. Try to do it methodically, persistently and constantly. Then something should be realized, what is good and what is bad.

At the age of up to two years the child is for the most partGuided by desires, feelings and emotions, all this in a complex is fed in the form of a powerful charge in the cerebral cortex, helping to perceive the world around us. Therefore, at this age, the main parental task is the formation of feelings, when the words "I want" and "need" as closely as possible and coincide in meaning.

To perceive your child's forbidden motives,Should be given to the concept of the emergence of possible experiences and impressions, which can slow down unwanted actions. Finally, to counteract the inhibiting excitement, when a stronger emotion overcomes a weak emotion.

All prohibitions should be essentially simple andUnderstandable, and most importantly, they should not be a great many. If you have something to instruct the child to do, you need to check the progress. Do not forget about the promotion, when your order is executed on time and qualitatively.

If your family has a spirit of mutual understanding and mutual respect, you have nothing to fear.

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