/ How to Make a Baby Sleep

How to make a child sleep

Comfort and its influence on the child's sleep

First of all, the reasons for the lack of sleep canDepend on the age of the baby. If a small child does not show any signs of illness during wakefulness, a good appetite - the main reasons for the lack of a normal sleep may be a desire to eat, an uncomfortable position or a wet diaper. That's why for the adjustment of a child's sleep it is not necessary to raise a premature panic and get nervous about this, but simply put him to sleep as comfortably as possible and change his diaper. A good baby sleep also depends on the temperature in the room where he sleeps.

Temperature regime of the children's room

Some of the parents, worrying that the babyGet sick, try to wrap the baby as warmly as possible, even in the summer, heat the room, turning it into a real bath. And this despite the fact that the normal room temperature for the child should be cool, about, about 18-20 C. In addition, the child may have a bad sleep because the room where he sleeps is very small and in it is A huge number of toys, on the walls are hung carpets that absorb a huge amount of dust. Also, a bad dream can be due to the fact that the child used to sleep with his parents, and then it's time to wean him from it. In this case, in order to adjust the sleep of the crumbs, it is necessary for one of the parents first time, before the baby falls asleep, to stay with him.

Correct and habitual sleep regimen

Some parents, for example, tend to think,That if the child is sleeping by and by means that he has insomnia. But the differences can be that the child lay down on an empty stomach or ate before going to bed. It is always worth remembering that having an abundant meal can not always bring about a sleep. It is often harmful to feed and overfeed a child, especially before going to bed. In everything there should be a regime and especially it should concern sleep. Establish a normal sleep can be in case the child goes to bed and get up at the same time.

Moods before bedtime

Whimsical children lie entirely on the shoulders of their parents. While the child is small, it is easy to accustom or wean from something. Lullaby and lulling with a fairy tale for the night - this is far from a way out of the situation. This is a temporary solution to the problem, which may already be ineffective tomorrow. Children are very sensitive, and as soon as they stop hearing a sound, they wake up. The best way is to teach crumbs to fall asleep without the help of adults.

What a good dream depends on

An excellent and calm sleep of a child depends on the fact,What he did all day and before he went to bed. Children's doctors strongly recommend before bedtime to calm the baby and not to worry him. Before going to bed, the nervous system of the child should be in a calm state. It is possible to bring her out of the state of equilibrium not only with a sharp voice, with laughter, but with extraneous noise in the apartment. Remember that children are very sensitive by their nature creation. Therefore, their receptivity is always felt not only on the mental, but also on the physical level. Children immediately see a change in the mood of their parents. By the way, hurry and nervous laying down to sleep will not help to fix a child's sleep, so it's worth doing in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, otherwise all this can lead to chronic lack of sleep.

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