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How to dress a newborn in winter

General requirements for newborn clothes

For a newborn it is necessary to selectClothes, which will be free to sit on it. It is made from natural fabrics, so that the baby's skin "breathes". Preference to give better cotton, linen, knitwear, flannel. Attention should be paid to the choice of underwear. Clothes should be easy to put on and easy to remove. These can be ryazhonki, cap, sliders, overalls, hats. The modern textile industry has reached a level where similar clothing is produced using the "flat seam" technology. The wardrobe of the baby should also be made of warm clothes, such as blouses, panties, outfits for walking, made of dense knitwear, wool. Given that this material "breathes", it also keeps the heat.

How to wear a winter baby when he is at home

The normal room temperature should beStable is equal to 22-23 degrees Celsius. This is a comfortable condition for the child's stay. During wakefulness, a baby can be dressed with a slider or a jumpsuit. In case the temperature in the room is lower, you can throw a suit of dense woolen jersey or overalls on top. On the legs put on socks. The house should not wear caps and caps on the baby, the head should breathe. During sleep, the child should always be covered with a blanket.

What should be the clothes of a newborn in winter for a walk

Going out with a newborn in the winter for a walk, you shouldSee what the weather is outside the window. In case of severe frost, snow or rain, the best option is to stay at home. If the weather is good, we are going and going.

In winter, for a walk in the fresh air, forThe newborn will be an ideal choice of outerwear will be an envelope. Turn it into a baby is easy enough. It is convenient for the child himself, since he will not restrain his movements. Envelopes for children are of two types: some used as blankets, the second as a jacket or overalls. Such envelopes are made with the help of modern technologies with the addition of new fabrics and heaters. They are light and thanks to their texture they do not allow moisture, wind and protect from the cold. They also make them out of sheep's fur, it maintains the thermo balance of the child's body. Baby, thanks to all these properties, will feel cozy and comfortable. For convenience, on the head of a newborn you first need to put on a bonnet, and already on top a warm hat.

The baby should wear the same underwear, inWhich he walks at home, on top of the overalls or suit, covering the handles and legs. The choice of clothes should be made depending on whether it is warm or cold outside at the moment. If the temperature is above zero, then you can not weight the child's stay with an additional "layer" of outerwear. If it is below zero, the newborn should be dressed as warmly as possible and, in addition, to cover the baby with a warm blanket.

Going out, dress your baby a little warmer than yourself. Therefore, first you need to dress yourself, and then dress the baby so that it does not overheat before going out into the air.

Make sure the correct choice of clothes forWalks are simple. It is necessary to touch the neck or back of the child. It should be warm, but not wet. If it is hot or wet, it means that you put it on too warmly. Take off some clothes and let the baby get back to normal so that he does not catch cold on the street. To check if the baby is cold, touch the spout. If it is cold, the crumb is frozen. Put it warmly. It's okay if the baby's nose is warm.

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