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Teenager and bad habits

Harmfulness of bad habits

Teenager and habits not accepted by the bodySociety - this is the theme of many scientific works, and not just such a small article. Because the problem will still have to be solved by the parents, and in close contact with their child. If mutual understanding is not achieved, then it is practically impossible to achieve a positive result. The only exception is those teenagers who have stuffed a lot of "cones" in their lives, they themselves come to the realization that they have to change themselves. Otherwise, on the path of life, being in a civilized society, there will be only one problem, but the society itself will not understand and accept you. To such harmful habits can be attributed to the use of non-normative vocabulary, alcohol, addiction to drugs and smoking. All the consequences of these bad habits disturb civilized society, which ideally wished that they would not exist in our lives, but this is impossible for one simple reason that all people on our planet are different in their development and intellectuality. Nevertheless, for our children we always want to wish a better life.

The problems of adolescence are dueThe fact that for this period of development of the human body there is a whole restructuring, beginning with hormonal and psychological processes, ending with the emergence as a person and a possible definition of a social character. The longer this process takes place, the greater the chances that your educational opportunities are inadequate, worse - they get rejected. You will need to seek an answer to the question of why this can happen to your beloved child. Try to understand correctly the priorities and values ​​of your teenager's son or daughter, they also do not stand still, but change and are determined as they grow up.

A teenager is always in his life, in this or thatDegree confronts life's contradictions, such a struggle occurs in its inner world. He has a desire to make a statement about his new "I". Not always clearly presents the difficulties of his age, seeks to become an adult, tries to assert himself in the company of his friends. It is very important at this moment to be close to him, not to allow going into the alcoholic or narcotic world.

On the territory of Russia, the importation of spirits wasWas carried out by Genoese merchants in the sixteenth century. The year 1652 marked the beginning of the confirmation of the status of alcohol on the Russian land. Throughout the existence of alcohol, on the territory of the Russian state, "dry laws, decrees, bans and regular allowances constantly alternated, for the rulers of Russia could not fail to understand the harmful effects of alcohol on the human body in large doses. Suffice it to say that for an infant, three grams per kilogram of body weight, is a lethal dose. For adolescence, the bar is higher, within five grams of pure alcohol, which is equal to five hundred grams of vodka.

It should be noted that in girls of teenagers, the passion for alcohol has a more detrimental effect, since during this period the formation of the feminine principle in the body of a teenage girl is taking place.

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