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Parenting a child without a father

After all, a woman who remains herself in her arms withThe child experiences stress and feels the emergence of a mass of new problems - material, housing and, of course, moral. But all this is trifles in comparison with what the child feels and feels. If the child is small, then maybe he does not immediately realize the severity of the situation, but the older child experiences real stress and moreover, often feels guilty in this situation. According to children's psychologists, a child who grows up in a complete family draws from the parents' relationship experience and an example for further building their relationships in his future family. Such a child is easier to adapt in society. For a child without a father, is characterized by isolation, abstraction and poor adaptation in the team.
Raising a child without a father is a very difficult task, especially for the mother. But if you want and the availability of certain knowledge and skills, you can solve this problem.

Features of the education of children in single-parent families

If you raise a son, then your task will beConsist in correct adjustment of objects for imitation that arise in your child. It can be movie heroes, book heroes, and possibly real representatives of the male from among your closest relatives. You do not need to start an active "putting on" the child. In this way, push him toward the status of victim or offended. You do not need to pamper your son thoughtlessly, but rather try to attract him to any job, from driving a banal nail to cleaning the apartment, washing dishes and other types of work. In doing so, praising the child and constantly letting him know that he is the most important man in their family and that without his help you will be hard. By her behavior, the mother should, as it were, push the child to certain actions, and in particular to help her, even if he does not get everything right the first time. This will require a lot of patience and attention from you. When your little son realizes that his help is very necessary and desirable for you, he will take the initiative and get a lot of pleasure from it. After all, he will begin to feel like a man - a hope and a support for the mother and the whole family. And later the diagnosis grew "a child without a father" in general will lose its relevance.
If you raise a daughter, then at first glanceIt seems that the situation is much easier, because the girl is always closer to her mother. But here the first problems arise. For the girl, the father's value is much greater than even for the boy. A father is a person who plays the role of the most important teacher in the life of a daughter. Dad, this is a kind of the first man who will protect, pity and give the necessary advice and will create a feeling of calm and self-confidence for the daughter. And accordingly, the withdrawal or absence of the father can create an inferiority complex in the girl or cause complete dislike of the whole male sex as a whole. It is from these factors that you need to protect your daughter. To begin with, you need to constantly tell your daughter that all men are different and not bad at all, and what has happened to them does not at all mean that this is their fault - hers and mothers, just the life of adults is quite a complicated thing and sometimes develops in different ways Regardless of the circumstances.
Raising a child is an eternal problem, but still it requires attention and full dedication.

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