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Tips for parents of a hyperactive child

These children can develop creativeAbility, whether modeling, drawing. They have intellectual abilities higher than other children, but their bad behavior does not allow teachers, educators, parents to see talents in it. We will give some advice to the parents of a hyperactive child.

Tips for parents on the education of a hyperactive child

  • Often praise the child. Adhere to such a rule, if once scolded, then seven times praise.
  • If you are with him, then tryBring the lesson to the end. Even if you break such an occupation into several parts. For example, you began to paint with it a picture, but the child lost interest, so return to this lesson later.
  • Engage with your child regularly every day for 10 minutes, or every other day. Conduct classes in a relaxed atmosphere and in a playful form.
  • Do your homework with your baby. Let him pick up in the room, collect toys, put things together and so on. The main thing is that you will do everything together with him.
  • More often say that you love him, listen to him, hug. These children have a low self-esteem. Assess his deed, do not say that he is a bad child, but just sort out his deed.
  • Make a daily routine and stick to it. This is not an easy task for you and for your baby. Both to the child, and to parents it will be from this only it is better. He will remember the sequence of all actions, he will have fewer vagaries. Scheduling the time of food, classes, walks, you will do a favor to your neposide.
  • Direct prohibitions will not help here. Need to say what you want to get as a result. You can say that there is a big mess in the room. And we can say that today it is the child's turn to clean up the room. In this way, parents focus on what they want from the child and what the child should know.
  • Try as little as possible in your speechUse the particle "not". If the child is fighting, then focus on what you expected from him. For example, you want him to play with his younger brother or play with other children. Talk about this to the child.
  • Take in the help of a neurologist and psychologist,The earlier you do, the more benefit this will give your child and you. Learn the psychology of communication. There are some procedures that reduce nervousness, for example, the adoption of salt baths, electrosleep.
  • Communicating with the child, sit down to be with himon the same level. Eye contact. Or use other gestures of disposition - an intermittent touch, putting your hand to your chest. These gestures act on the subconscious.
  • Rejoice in the success of the child.
  • Computer games and watching TVContribute to the manifestations of hyperactivity, they drain the child's nervous system. Avoid sudden changes in order not to provoke the baby. To inhibit the excitement will help lavender, fennel, St. John's wort, mint, motherwort.
  • Be consistent and if for some reason you forbade the child to watch cartoons, then do not change your decision.
  • It's good if your child visits mugs, where the parents and the child work together. This helps the child to learn the material and brings the baby and parents closer.
  • As trivial as it sounds, you need to readChildren of the book. Reading should be taught from an early age. Read tales, teach poteshki, for each action teach small rhymes. Before going to bed in the evenings, start reading books for 10 minutes. Even if the child can read, do not forget about this activity.

We hope that these recommendations to the parents of a hyperactive child will help in his upbringing. We wish you success!

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