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Restless sleep of an infant


We will deal with the first reason. Colic is one of the most common causes of poor sleep in an infant. The child is worried, he presses his legs to his tummy. In some children, it goes to two months, and someone can drag out to four. Here it is necessary to consult a pediatrician, he will examine and prescribe certain medications.
Toddlers who are introduced to complementary foods canTo face an allergy to "new" products. Or it may be "new" products that my mother used, so you must strictly follow the diet of a nursing mom.

Teeth are pricked

At the age of 6-7 months the child beginsTo erupt a teeth, it too one of tests for parents. Parents experience immense joy when they see the first tooth, but for a baby this is a real test, a kid can not tolerate pain, so he worries and does not sleep. In such cases it is necessary to have patience and various anesthetics for children, but before consulting with a doctor.
Often babies cry simply because of hunger. Mom should pay attention to whether her baby's baby is enough? To do this, you must express the milk and measure its quantity. And also leave it for a while in the refrigerator and see if there are so-called "cream" at the top, so you can determine whether you have fat milk or not.

children's room

If the child is full and still does not sleep, it should bePay attention to the place where he has to sleep. The children's room should be clean, ventilated and cool. Dry air can dry the baby's mucous membranes, leading to anxiety.

Child's regime

Restless sleep can be caused by a violation of the child's regime. It is necessary to follow the regime and put the child to sleep during, thus not tire of his small organism.
Before going to bed is to enter a certain mode of falling asleep. Most likely it will look like this: bathing, feeding, a lullaby or a fairy tale.
It will be right if you stop all active games with your child 2 before going to bed so that his nervous system calms down.

Some tweaks that will help your baby sleep in a peaceful sleep

  1. To develop evening rituals of falling asleep to the child, thereby letting him know that it's time for sleep.
  2. Feed the child before bedtime. During night feeding, do not turn on bright lights, do not talk and do not play.
  3. When the baby reaches 9-12 months, tryNot to spend night feeding, at first it will be difficult, the kid can be capricious and cry, but do not worry, usually the children calm down after 30 minutes. In order for the crumb to get used to the new regime, it will take about a week, and then the crumb will sleep.
  4. Lying a child to sleep strictly at the same time. And the awakening of the baby should also be about the same time.
  5. A cot for a child should only serve as a place to sleep, not for games and entertainment. So it will not be associated with the baby with fun and fun.
  6. Kids, starting from the year, like to sleep with their favorite toy, let it do it, because it gives children confidence and peace of mind.
  7. Create a setting for sleep, muffled light inRoom, silence, quiet lullaby or a fairy tale will calm the child. Kids love to listen to lullabies, even if you do not have vocal data, still sing to your child, so you form a trusting atmosphere between you and the child, which will last for many years.

If your baby has problems withSleep for a long time, you need to see a doctor, do not delay visiting. After all, early treatment is more effective and faster.

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