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Sexual education of girls

Many factors have an impact on healthFuture baby. It depends on the health of the parents, from the course of the mother's pregnancy. And also from hereditary signs. Unfavorable course of pregnancy (bad habits, various infectious diseases), especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, can affect the health of the child. In most cases during this period of pregnancy various diseases of the baby are formed. This may be gynecological diseases, which can occur in childhood or adolescence.

At what point do girls start sex education.

Most mothers believe that sexEducation should begin with the onset of puberty. But this opinion is not correct, because sexual education is closely related to the general system of spiritual education. It should begin with the birth of the baby. Education should be carried out taking into account some signs - taking into account the characteristics of the child, taking into account the age attribute. But there are general stages and principles that parents need to know. In the initial stage of sex education girls need to instill hygiene skills. This bathing, changing diapers, washing, etc. Then, when the baby grows up you need to teach her how to use toilet paper, self-hygiene of the genitals.

With the daily implementation of these procedures in girlsThe habit is fixed for a constant change of clothes. This is very important in the sexual education of the child. With proper hygiene, the risk of inflammatory internal and external genital organs is minimal.

4-6 years.

At the age of 4-5 years, children often ask questions,Which we sometimes can not find the right answer. For example, where did I come from and the others. It is not necessary to evade from the answer or think out all sorts of fables. If you can not answer right away, then say that you talk later. Think about how to answer the question so that the child can understand, without embarrassment, and keep the promise. If your child does not receive an answer, he will know from others. And it is not clear who will answer it and in what form the answer will be received.

At the age of 5-6 years, there may already be sympathy and feelings of love. Do not be afraid of the manifestation of such feelings in the daughter, because at this age there is no interest in boys of a sexual nature.

10-11 years.

At the age of 10-11, girls should beFeatures of the development of the body. They must be ready for menstruation. Girls at this age should not panic when hair appears on the genitals and the growth of the mammary glands. A girl should have an idea of ​​further changes before the beginning of these processes. She must know how to maintain hygiene in this period. It is necessary to hold talks on this topic. The conversation should be conducted by the mother, or psychologist, or teacher. Such conversations should be held in an accessible form for understanding. It is necessary to teach the child that menstruation needs to be washed several times a day, to monitor the purity of their clothes and body. You need to know that menstrual blood is the ideal environment for the reproduction of bacteria. With improper hygiene, the risk of developing inflammatory diseases increases. Teach a girl how to correctly keep a calendar, in order to follow the cycle of menstruation. If menstruation is not regular, then you should consult a gynecologist.

12-14 years old.

A rapid reaction of physiology occurs in adolescentsAt the age of 12-14 years. In the body there are changes, and there is a sexual attraction. Often children who do not communicate with parents on various topics find the answer elsewhere. Often they receive perverted information. Girls have a desire for independence and self-affirmation. Many problems can be avoided if a relationship of trust has been formed with the parents. The girls have a desire to please the opposite sex, and this desire is of a sexual nature. If the parents are tactful with their children at this age (after all, teenagers have a vivid sense of independence), then it is possible to avoid unwanted contacts of the daughter with dubious friends. You need to let your daughter understand that you consider her to be a formed personality - then she will not hide her friends from you.

From the age of 15.

Over the teenage age comes the alarmingThe maiden age. This age range from 15 to 18 years. Stormy changes occur in the body at this age. At the end of this period, puberty occurs. By the onset of this age, girls should know that premature sexual life leads to unwanted pregnancies. Moms, psychologists, doctors should familiarize children with methods of contraception (protection from conception). Girls should be aware that abortion at this age is dangerous. This can lead to infertility, and gynecological diseases can develop after this. But if there was an unplanned pregnancy - the daughter should not be afraid to tell his parents about it. The education of girls is a process, to some extent, creative. Be for your child not only as a mom, but as a friend. Spend more time with your children, attend various activities together. If you create an atmosphere of trust in your relationship, the daughter will not hide her problems from you, and you will know the circle of her communication.

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