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Conflicts between parents and children

Types of family conflicts
Parents encounter them with their children. And you do not need to believe that the older the child, the more quarrels will arise. Conflicts of parents with children can begin at any age.

Conflict of Trusteeship
Such conflict occurs in families where parentsVery cared for the child. Parents from a small age are very worried that the child does not go out for walks alone, there are hooligans, do not catch cold on the street, so that the child ate his porridge. And there can be many such situations. Of course, the care of parents, it's good. But such care leads to the fact that the child grows a limp creature, it will not have an opinion, because for him everything is done by the parents.

The school has its own problems
The child will not take the initiative. As a teenager, he realizes that his parental care depresses him, the child will suffer with his family. It is worse for him than living with his parents under one roof. But he can not live independently either, since he turned out to be absolutely unprepared for an independent life. Such conflicts occur in families where parents try to keep emotional intimacy with their daughter or their son.

Neutral zone
Conflicts with children can be in families whereParents give their child to do whatever he wants. They do not get into his problems and try to protect themselves from the child's private life. This attitude to the child also leads to conflict. Modern parents are trying to instil in their children freedom and independence to choose. As a result, it turns out that when a family has a problem and needs the participation of each member of the family, the child will not take part in it. Parents have never been interested in the child's life, his experiences, problems, life.

Several children
Conflicts with children still occur whenThe older child feels deprived of parental care and attention, it seems to him that most of the love goes to the younger sister and brother. The problems of children and parents can be more serious. The younger child will be dissatisfied that he will have to wear clothes for his older brothers. Such situations are often observed in large families, where finances do not allow to have everything new and better. Conflicts in the family will last very long. They will end when the youngest child becomes a teenager. In such families, one should listen to the grievances and complaints of all children and have patience.

Parents Dictators
In these families, parents feel that the bestA way to control their children, this is dictatorship. You can achieve full control over all family members. In these families, parents forbid children to do anything without demand. Already in adolescence, your child will turn into a cynic, a boor and a despot. That this does not happen, you need to give the child the right to choose music, such as he likes, choose friends with whom he wants to communicate and wear things that he likes.

Family conflicts can then be resolved ifParents will understand that they were wrong. Reconsider the methods of your upbringing, do not stay aloof, do not be a dictator, do not expose children to extra care. The best education will be partnership. Experiencing with children their sorrows and joys. Share with them all that sore. And then you will see that conflicts with children will go to the distant past.

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