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How to raise a difficult child

On whom does the formation of the child's personality depend?

Raising a difficult child is not easy. According to many scientists, the child is more influenced by his peers. It is under their influence that the personality of the child is formed. But all the same, responsiveness in children and sensitivity was laid down from childhood by parents. It is very important for children that they feel peace in the family so that they have a sense of trust from their parents, understanding. It is important to teach your children restraint, which is peculiar first of all to mature people. Proper education is necessary for your child. Children who have received such upbringing are the most adapted to work in the team, they are able to show sensitivity to other people, as well as attention. Good parenting is not an easy task. In order to cope with it, you need to follow a more experienced and chosen course. There are many books on child psychology.

How to raise a child?

Express love for your child always, withEvery opportunity. Do not skimp on it. The more children pay attention and care, the better they grow and develop. The more children feel your caress and care, the healthier they will be, both psychologically and emotionally. When you express love to your children, you help and contribute to their development. Try to give the child as much attention as possible, play with it, walk, read books. It's not for nothing that they say that everything the child does is becoming his experience. For your child, your praise and encouragement is very important. Children are very important parental love, in order to develop well, and in the future to become a responsible, mature person.

Comrade and interlocutor

If you want to be between you and the childThere was affection, spend with him as much time as possible. After all, it's only his parents that can raise a child properly. Children have great skills. Therefore, parents should often communicate with their children, at every opportunity, and at home, and on the street, and in any other places. After all, according to scientists, for children, the time spent with parents is much more important than the time that he spends on games and entertainment. With children, you can be always and everywhere, even when doing everyday things. For example, you can take your child for a walk in the park, and during a walk talk to him, ask about something, or just talk. You can play with children, because for their development, independent games are very important, they form skills in communication, develop emotional development and mental.

Do not in any way make a child a regimeDay, do not paint his studies and do not lead their lives. After all, many parents do just that. They imagine their children have any creative abilities and talents and force them to take up this business.

Give your child the opportunity to choose their ownway. He himself will take himself exactly what interests him most. But do not let him completely, watch what he does, where and how he plays, whether it harms him.

Time is one of the main parts in the upbringingChild. Many parents allocate their time to reading books to their children. By doing this they give the kid an opportunity to understand and tell what is good and what is bad. When reading books, be very sensitive, do not be indifferent. To read, select what the child will listen carefully. Books to read to your child should always be at the same time to give the child to wait for this moment with impatience. Correct the child, but do it very gently and tactfully so that it will benefit him.

No less important discipline is in the upbringing of a child. Every child is eager to know where its borders are.

Are you correcting your baby?

When you punish your child, you needTo let the child know what you are punishing him for. In the process of correcting a child, do not do it in a rude way, let him feel your care and love.

Learn to properly educate your children. While reading books to children, supplement it with other activities. It can be drawing, music lessons, go the whole family to the zoo or to the circus. By this you will teach your child morals and very good manners. A child should be brought up very well, for this it is necessary to understand and respect him as a person.

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