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Exercises for the child on the ball

Exercises on the ball.

Therefore, for future mothers and those bornSmall crumbs fitball is very useful. Mom exercises will help to strengthen the joints and muscles, which are the main load during pregnancy and childbirth. Exercises for the child on the ball will strengthen the muscles, as their tone is still raised.
Getting started, young mothers shouldAlways consult with a doctor. From two weeks old, when the baby's regime was formed, adapted to the conditions in his house, and the umbilical frame healed, you can start gymnastics on a big ball.
You need to start with five-minute classes, gradually increasing the time for the mood of the baby. Lessons are held no earlier than 30-40 minutes before meals.
The ball should be elastic, smooth, without horns, notTo form into ovals. The diameter of 75 cm. During the class, the mother can sit, supporting the child under the arms, with separate exercises have to get up. You can conduct classes in front of the mirror to see how the child reacts, pulls toys from the floor, pulls the pens.


A two-week (month old) kid is put on the ballTummy down. Mom holds it by the back and slightly shakes left-right, back-to-back, in a circle. Should be done within 3-5 minutes. This exercise helps to retreat to the gazikam.
Wiggling on the back.
Put the baby on the ball with the backrest. Also shake left-right, forward-backward, in a circle. Exercise will strengthen the baby's abdominal press.

Spring jumping.

Exercises for the child on the fitball belly down,When the baby grew to 2-3 months. Make springy movements up and down. Support the child at the back or the ass with one hand, the second support the legs. Jumps can be strengthened, watch what movements like the baby.


If you have the opportunity to study with your father,Put the child on the ball with his belly down, stretching out his hands and feet. Dad fixes the legs, mother of the forearm. Roll the ball so that the child touches the feet of the floor. Potyagushechki give the opportunity to develop all the muscles of the body.

Exercise for the legs.

Arrange the child on the back, creating conditions so that the baby can push off the legs from the ball.

We are reaching for a toy.

Put a bright toy in front of the ball. Put the baby on your tummy. Smoothly pump the ball, supporting the child's forearms so that he can get the toy. When he learns to get it, you can put the toy aside, so that the baby reaches out to her. This exercise is well done together with the pope, he will keep the toy, call the child to himself.

On the barrel.

We lay down on the barrel. With one hand the mother supports the legs, the other lifts the handle to the baby. Swing up and down, back and forth. Then shift to the other side.


The child is lying belly down on the ball. Mum supports the chest, that is, the child lies on the arm and the ball. Slowly raise and lower the child on the ball. This springy movement stimulates the back muscles.

Reign on your side.

Position: lying on its side. Mom holds the forearm and lower legs. We roll around the ball. Then the same exercise on the other side.

Lying, sitting, sitting down.

Put the baby on the back and roll the ball away from yourself. The child will be sitting. Again the ball to yourself and from yourself. That is, then lie down, then squat on fitbole.


Children love jumping traffic. Give the opportunity to do this on the ball, then standing, then sitting. Thus it is necessary to think, how to fix a ball (it is possible to call for the help to the daddy).


Put on your stomach, holding it by the back. Gently pull toward yourself, it must rest on your feet or on your knees.

Handles and legs.

Keeping the child on weight, let him reach for the ball and pat on it. If you can get the ball to jump, the kid will be happy. Holding the kid under the mouse, let him touch the ball with his legs.


Classes with a large ball will help you strengthen the vestibular apparatus, musculoskeletal system and muscles of the child.

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