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Training load in school

Over the last ten years, significantly deterioratedhealth of our children. There were many more senior pupils who suffer from chronic diseases at such a young age. A lot of schoolchildren who suffer from mental disorders. All this arises as a result of heavy loads in the school, constant stresses, overwork. Many current schoolchildren suffer from hypertension, and this may well provoke an infarction closer to 30 years. The chance to finish school with excellent health, has only every 30th child, but every second child suffers chronic illnesses.

How to help the child cope with the stresses?

Surely, many of you are proud that yourthe child is assiduously studying in a prestigious institution, perfectly mastering a program of high complexity, or was able to enter a language or sports school. It's very good if the child is doing just fine. But think about whether his health will last long enough? How does the load affect the child?

Every enthusiastic first school child laterfor some time becomes a pale, tired and tired child. If you conduct a survey of all students: "What is the most difficult thing in school?". Most will reply that they do not have enough time. Every child has a shortage of time, and is very upset that he does not have time. Psychologists prefer to call it "the stress of lack of time." Such stress is one of the main causes of all disorders of our body, it is the cause of the currently widespread childish nerve, it appears as a result of congestion.

Little children's heads fall sharplylarge amount of information. In general, the student's working day lasts 11-13 hours, and for senior children 12-15, and this is in view of the homework. The school load in the school has a bad effect on the growing body of the child. Agree, not every young organism is able to cope with such stresses.

In order to understand if your child is overloaded,you need to take a good look at it, and watch it for a while. The main signs are that your child began to noticeably lose weight, often complain about his health, with bruises under his eyes, poor sleep and appetite, if you notice that your child began to gnaw his nails, stutter if you notice that your child suddenly all interest to study was gone.

Parents help.

The way in which children relate to knowledge and study depends not only on the institution, but mainly on the family, on the parents.

You can help your child adapt. To do this, prepare him for study with a special passion. Especially if your child has just gone to the first grade, he certainly is very difficult to get used to at school, with orders in it, especially the school load from the first school day is not usual for him. Therefore, try to do everything to make the house a support for the child, so that he knows that his house will be listened to, supported, explained everything that is happening, will help to prepare homework. On the way to school, accompanying the child, parents should necessarily discuss with their child all the things that are very important for him. Take the kid out of school on time, dine with him, walk, discuss the events, and in the evening do the lessons together. The best time for doing homework is between 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon. In the extension of the child immediately to give it is not necessary, because it will increase its school load.


During the holidays, your child sleeps for a long time, walks bystreet, sits until late hours behind a computer or TV, but very soon he will be again in harsh conditions. Best of all, go into this difficult period gradually. A few weeks before the first of September, wake him early, thereby you will accustom him to a stable daily routine. Constantly support the child, praise him, especially this must be done at first, do not make comments to him or criticize his actions. So that your child is always in a good mood, so that he gets tired as little as possible.

And, of course, do not forget to support and encouragechild, try, especially at first, not to get carried away with comments and criticism. Let your child have a predominantly good mood, then he will be less tired.

It is believed that the most basic burden on the childit happens during the second and third lessons, and if you take into account the days of the week, then it's Tuesday and Wednesday. The most difficult month is February. In order to help the child cope with the burden that awaits him, it is to buy products of FitLine. They perfectly support the active way of life, protect the body from diseases, they also have the property of normalizing the body, digestion, restore and improve vision, they perfectly normalize the heart, prevent strokes or heart attacks, stabilize the pressure and improve metabolism in the body, , support the nervous system, the state of the structure of your bones, perfectly restore the body from physical stress. Your children will have healthy and strong immunity.

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