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Nutrition of the child in the first year of life

Baby Feeding

Do not rush to feed your babyFood that adults use. In the diet of the baby should be only those dishes that are prepared taking into account the digestive system of the baby, its chewing apparatus, for example, porridge, mashed potatoes, steam cutlets, casseroles. But do not give up food for children in jars, because they are invented specifically for toddlers in cases where parents do not have enough time to prepare food for the child. In such cases, use this ready-made food. There are many children's canned food, which are designed specifically for children over one year old. They are endowed with the consistency that is suitable for a given age. During the year, the child's nutrition becomes different, the range of components that can be consumed by the child is much broadened.

At one-year-old age, the size of the stomach in a childVery small, but they are getting great needs in nutritional components. A child needs to eat very often, but the amount of food should be small. Parents should take note that it is necessary to feed the child for a certain regime, which you must compose. Feed him every day at the same time. Nutrition of the child should be correct. Feed the child should be five times a day, with an interval of about 4 hours.

Up to one year the child receives the maximumThe amount of breastmilk or milk formula. The baby's diet is very diverse, from the beginning of the second year of life, dairy products should be supplied in the same amount, and not at all cut, as milk serves as a good source of protein, phosphorus, calcium, group vitamins. It should not in any case be excluded from the child's diet. Every day a child should take 600 ml of dairy and fermented milk products.

Give preference to baby food: Kefir, baby curd, mass, yogurt, casserole. For children who are older than one year, there are specialized milk mixtures that are enriched with trace elements and vitamins, they must necessarily be present in the diet. Mother's milk is an excellent source of beneficial substances for the body and protects the baby from various microbes, from all kinds of infections. Cottage cheese should be used by the child in the first year of life, but it should be taken gradually, acquaint your child with various curds, casseroles. Sometimes you can feed your child with cheese, give him pieces of cheese every day, but make sure that they are small. Or give the cheese in grated form.

Vegetables and cereals for children

Kasha is an indispensable food in the dietYear-old child. You need to eat it every day. You can cook a lot of different cereals, as they are all saturated with grains, minerals and nutrients that are necessary for a growing organism (buckwheat, millet, oatmeal, corn, semolina, oatmeal).

Porridges are very useful for the baby's body, improve digestion, enrich the body with useful substances and many other valuable minerals and substances.

Do not rush to teach your child toPasta. After all, the kid can appreciate this dish and love it, but the nutritional value of macaroni is not very high. From an early age, accustom the baby to feeding with bread. To begin with, it is necessary to accustom the child to wheat products, because they are best absorbed by the body, and only then you can gradually begin to feed the child with black bread.

Try to constantly change the menu of your child. Diversify foods (vegetables, fruits). In summer or autumn - it can be fresh products, fresh vegetables, pureed vegetables, casseroles. If your child is still not good at digesting food, then rub it on the grater of all the products offered. But in the spring or winter, you can feed your child with various ready mashed potatoes in jars, porridges, ready soups from vegetables for children. You can give the child different compotes of berries, fruit drinks, yoghurts. Fruits try to give only those that grow in our strip, for example: pears, apples, plums, it can be berries.

Try to use as little as possibleExotic fruits and vegetables, treat them with caution. They can contribute to the occurrence of allergies in the baby or irritability on the body. Give the child juices (berry or fruit), various yogurts and kissels, compotes.

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