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Aesthetic education of children of senior preschool age

Aesthetic education of senior childrenPreschool age develops not only aesthetic, but also cognitive function, helps more active development of emotions and feelings, beliefs and views, is able to fill the child's inner world. In addition, aesthetic education forms the basis for the perception of personality, the desire to transform the world, works of art and the ability to enjoy them.
So, this upbringing is based onThe organization of various artistic and aesthetic activities of the baby, the development of his creative talents and talents, as well as the correct perception of beauty and understanding of it.

Aesthetic education of the child in the family.

Aesthetic education of the child arises withAesthetics of life. To begin with, care must be taken to ensure that the situation in the apartment or house contributes to this upbringing. Do not need to specifically drag into the house all sorts of antiques, so that the house looked like a warehouse or a museum. For example, do not hang on the walls of all family photos, they can simply be collected into albums. Exhibit an immense amount of old knickknacks, too, does not make sense, instead of them you can buy good art reproductions, figurines, interesting vases.

The house needs to maintain an aestheticThe order is absolutely in everything, since it is this that gives rise to a craving for the beautiful in the child. But passive observation of this process will not draw attention to the child's active understanding of beauty, the craving for creative activity. It is very important to discuss with children the purchase of furniture, musical instruments, paintings, attract them to work in decorating the house of the yard, growing flowers.

Aesthetic education in the family circle isThrough the inclusion in the daily schedule of the child of such integral parts of education as music, singing, drawing, reading literature, developing games for the child. It is also important that the child gets acquainted with poetry and music before. Already today there are a lot of programs for the early development of children, children are brought there from infancy and to the first school desk, and with them listen to various pleasant and quiet music. In general, it's not at all necessary to come to various courses or to centers - you can listen to a quiet and tranquil melody at home when a child is playing or almost falling asleep. It must also be remembered that classical music makes the child humble and calm. If the child loudly cries, then under the influence of music, he will be less aggressive, and the excited state will pass.

To acquaint children of preschool age with poetryIt is possible, already from the age of 4-5 years, when they can already understand the meaning of what they read. For the best result, you can first choose the poems of the most famous art writers that your parents read to you in childhood. Modern books can interest the kid with bright pictures, but not always their contents can interest the child. Therefore, do not take risks - buy books by famous masters with simple and interesting subjects, not trivial rhymes. With classical literature, one can begin to acquaint the child with preschool age by selecting interesting works, but most importantly, not to read complex texts, since this can discourage books from even curious little readers.

Ability to draw a child can startDevelop when he is already beginning to walk and can hold a pencil in his hand. For very young you can buy finger paints, for older children - sets of paints and brushes, albums. Despite its insignificance, many parents do not think about it, because singing allows to greatly help the development of the child, to exclude many problems with psychological stoppers, with pronunciation. Therefore, you can start singing from a very young age. For this, parents do not need to have a music education - you can sometimes sing together children's songs, give the baby a microphone and include karaoke.
Important in aesthetic educationChild is a personal example of parents. Very cool, if there is someone to take an example in the family, if adults are interested in various kinds of art. There are many examples where children inherit love for art from their parents.

Aesthetic education of a child, taking into account age characteristics of preschool children.

Aesthetic education of the child must be maintainedBy a well-developed system, taking into account the child's age and capabilities. For example, parents should help ensure that the children who are students in the school are necessarily recorded in drawing circles, modeling, theatrical, artistic reading, literary, singing, dancing, and musical, participating in school performances and collective amateur performances. Simultaneously with visiting the circles, the children should attend concerts, art exhibitions, museums, musical matinees, ennoble local art monuments, listen to, watch on the radio and theatrical productions, musical programs.
It will be great if the children are getting ready forVarious performances, musical concerts, will independently choose materials to albums and exhibitions. We also need to ensure that children are trained and actively participated in art competitions and olympiads, in school art performances, concerts.
Very good, when in the hours of leisure in the family read and discuss articles or books about the work of famous writers, sculptors, composers, artists, artists, architects.
Walking with the guys, you should turn their eyes to nature, its beauty, encourage them to engage in floriculture, participate in various district and school flower festivals.

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