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False groats in children: causes, emergency care

False groats: the causes

The appearance of false croup in most casesContributes to the disease adenovirus infection, influenza, scarlet fever, whooping cough or measles. Among other things, very often the disease is triggered by attacks of allergy. The reason why this disease is more likely to affect children is the anatomical structure of their respiratory tract. Children's bronchi and trachea are funnel-shaped, and not cylindrical, like an adult, in addition, in children they are much narrower.

The number of vessels in the larynx of a child exceedsNumber of vessels in the larynx of an adult. All this explains the susceptibility of children to edema and spasms of the larynx, which in most cases leads to suffocation. The younger the child, the heavier the attack.

Features of false groats

There are two types of groats - false and trueDiphtheria. Both types serve as the causes of coughing and difficulty in the respiratory process. But each of them has distinctive features, expressed in the symptoms characteristic of each type of groats.

Diphtheria, or true croup, developsGradually: the disease begins with the appearance of dense films in the larynx of the child. Then the number of these films increases and breathing becomes more difficult. Then the lymph nodes increase, the child has a fever.

False groats in children do not have any passiveSigns of development, so it is especially dangerous. The attack of false cereal is sudden, its development is deadly in all known cases. Breathing is disturbed by the swelling of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Prevention of false croup

It is impossible to insure a child from suddenAn attack of a false groin, but it is possible to prevent its occurrence. Often the development of false croup is associated with some childhood respiratory disease (rhinitis, pharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis). Prevention of false cereal should begin with the prevention of colds and viral diseases.

The best way is to harden the throat. Particularly hardening does not represent hardening. The child should be given water to rinse the throat, that's the whole process. At first, the temperature of the water for hardening should be at room temperature. Then the temperature should be lowered, this is done gradually, for several months, after which, the rinse water should be icy. You can not hurry, the process must be gradual, otherwise there is a danger that the child will fall ill.

Special attention should be paid to the child's diet. The cause of an attack of false cereal in some cases may be an allergic reaction to food. Consult a doctor, he will advise which foods to exclude from the diet of the child, in order to avoid the development of food allergies. At the same time, make sure that the child consumes large quantities of kefir and other lactic products.

This disease is often manifested in periodsOff-season. There is nothing surprising in this. The weather conditions of this period are not always predictable. In bright sunny weather, an icy wind can blow. It is not always clear what should be put on the child in such cases. As a result, catarrhal diseases attack the baby's body, and as a result, seizures of false croup develop automatically.

Manifestation of a false groin

Signs of false croup are such that their manifestationFrightens parents. In no case should not panic in this case, you need to provide urgent help to the child. Attacks occur most often at night, during sleep. The symptomatology of the false cereal looks like this: on the eve before the attack, the child's breathing becomes more severe, there are light rales that any doctor could recognize. However, the parents will not be able to detect any changes. But what the parents of the child may notice is the state of child's lethargy, which is explained by the presence of the virus in the body. For this reason, the child does not sleep well, because the swelling of the throat has already begun, it becomes more difficult to breathe. At a time when the swelling becomes sufficiently strong, there should be a coarse, "dry" cough. You can watch the baby breathing. In the normal state, the number of breaths per minute is not more than thirty. With false croup, breathing becomes more frequent to a value of 50-60 breaths-exhalations per minute. This increase is explained by the desire of the body to replenish the lack of oxygen.

First aid for false croup

During seizures, children experience acuteLack of oxygen, hence the need for fresh air that is able to alleviate the condition of the child in this situation. Therefore, as soon as the child has seen a cough and hoarse wheezing, the first thing to do is open all the windows in the room in which the sick child is.

It is important not to forget about maintaining sufficientHumidity in the room air. It is useful at the time of an attack to carry out inhalation, it is quite effective in such cases. With the maintenance of humidity in the air of the room, it is possible to prevent the development of new attacks of false croup. Specially developed air humidifiers are on sale. But to achieve sufficient humidity in the room is simple enough, you need to hang a wet cloth on the back of the baby's bed or on the battery in his room.

It is also important to know that a child in a supineThe attack is only aggravated, so the child must be planted. If the child is very small, you need to take it in your arms and go up to the half-open window, first wrapping it in a blanket.

Then you should take the help of antihistamines. Give them to the baby, they take off the allergic component and reduce the degree of edema.

The next step is to call the ambulance team. The doctor will examine the child and put the correct diagnosis, revealing the degree of stenosis of the child's larynx.

Do not abandon the hospitalization of the child,If the doctor insists on this. In cases of childhood disease with a false croup treatment may be quite serious, it may be necessary to intubate the trachea. Despite the fact that the attack was prevented this time, there is no guarantee that it will not occur again in the next several hours in a more severe form. In clinical conditions, with a new strong attack, it will be possible to promptly insert a tube for intubation into the child's respiratory tract.

Do not risk the health of the child and his life. It is necessary to trust the brigade of doctors of "first aid" and allow hospitalization.

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