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Sports ballroom dances for children

Sports ballroom dances are great forRomantic and young people, because they develop plasticity very well, they teach not only to listen to music, but also to feel it. Boys in the studio of ballroom dances are most often led by mothers who want to grow out of their children comprehensively developed real men.

Very favorable dance training influencesAnd on the overall development of the child, representing an excellent means of moral, moral and physical education. In addition, she very well reveals all the children's creative potential.

As mentioned earlier, sports ballroom dancesContribute to the physical development of the child - strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the child's body, train and strengthen various muscle groups. The child will be able to master his body in perfection, use it to convey his feelings and emotions. In addition, dances have a beneficial effect on the emotional background of the child, and also teach to keep under control their emotions.

Sports-ballroom dances for children - yes or no?

Sports-ballroom dances look very nice. But before hurrying to write a child to the nearest studio, you need to determine exactly whether you are ready for the fact that your child will be engaged in it. So, what should be considered?

Sports-ballroom dances are a wholeArt, but at the same time, it's also a sport. Yes, ballroom dancing is officially recognized as one of the sports. Therefore, dancers are considered not only artists, but also athletes. Here and in children who are engaged in sports ballroom dances, artistry and creative abilities develop, and besides, endurance and dexterity.

It is worth noting that, as in any other formSports, in ballroom dances there is a great spirit of rivalry. Therefore, he actively participates in the formation of a childish character, teaches to be hardworking and purposeful, to achieve the set goals, in a word, contributes to the development of a purposeful and strong personality in the child.

Due to the fact that sports ballroom dancingAre a true sport, like all other species, it requires a serious and responsible approach. If you prefer professional dancing for the child, then, like in other sports, be prepared for the fact that you can succeed only thanks to frequent and lengthy training, as well as a very serious attitude and approach to the cause, not only from the side of the child, But also from the parents.

Shoes and clothes for ballroom dancing

Making a decision to bring your child to lifeSports-ballroom dances, you can not take into account the financial side of this issue. Ballroom dancing is one of the most expensive sports. It's not just the cost of learning dances, although it's not cheap. But the most expensive are children's costumes for ballroom dancing.

In addition, the child will definitely needA pair of training shoes and at least two training suits, there will still be costumes for the performance. You can buy such costumes for training in specialized stores. It will be a little more difficult to deal with costumes for performance - they are sewn only to order. This applies to both boys and girls. And the cost of the ballroom suit varies quite a lot - from a few hundred dollars. I would like to note that the article refers to children who are engaged in ballroom dancing, so parents should take into account that this costume for the performance will last no more than a year. After all, unlike adults, children grow very fast, growing out of expensive suits.

In addition to the nuances listed above, it is not necessaryTo overlook the forthcoming expenses for trips to the competitions. In addition to paying fees, it will be necessary to pay for the road to the venue, as well as food and accommodation. Thus, not a small amount is formed.

At what age is it better to go to the floor?

When the decision is made in favor of the ballroomDances in the life of your child, the next question is: how old should the child be given to ballroom dancing? It is rather difficult to unequivocally answer this question. On the one hand, to achieve good results, as in any other sport, a child should be brought from an early age. On the other hand, children who have not reached at least five or six years will find it quite difficult to assess and correctly perceive the requirements of the coach. There are also studios of ballroom dances, in which children begin to engage in about four years. But before you record your child there, you should really assess his strength. Do not rush things, giving the child to the ballroom dance studio, if he is quickly tired, unable to coordinate the movements and concentrate his attention. However, in case your kid is well developed for the perception of the coach's commands, has a good ability to coordinate his movements, has a musical ear and good memory, then you can try to write it down for sports ballroom dances. But still, experts say that the optimal age for dancing is about five to six years old.

The principle of the coach with children

Of course, each parent is interested in howWork with children in ballroom dance studios. Suppose your child is already recorded in the dance studio, what next? At the beginning of the training, the coach usually holds a parent meeting, which tells about what will be needed to buy the child for further studies.

During the first year of training, more oftenIn all, the children are dancing alone. They gradually learn the basics of dancing and their secrets. At the initial stage of training, the coach tries to teach children basic movements in ballroom dances, as well as the basics of choreography and rhythmics. Children learn the basics of such major dances as slow waltz, cha-cha-cha, quick-step, jive and such auxiliary dances as disco, polka, blues.

By the second year of education, when children reachSix or seven years, the coach puts them in pairs. In the classroom, children learn to perform the movements that took place in the first year of schooling, but in pairs. In the second year, the children begin to feel their first ballroom dances.

Of course, not every child whoCome to the ballroom dance studio, you can raise the future champion, but in any case, such dance lessons will not pass for the child. Due to its grace and elegance, your child will always be in the spotlight!

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