/ What is it customary to give a newborn?

What is it customary to give a newborn?

The easiest way is to agree on a purchaseA gift with the parents of the baby. But many parents from politeness or modesty prefer not to order gifts, but offer to make their own choice. In this case, the gift will not be a surprise and its delivery will not cause pleasant surprise and admiration from the surprise. In order to independently choose a gift, you need to show care and try to determine what is missing in the dowry of the child. The information stated in this article will help determine the choice in favor of a gift.

What to give a newborn is not recommended

Traditionally, it is customary to present a young motherAt the same time with a gift for a newborn, a bouquet of flowers. However, this should not be done, since flower pollen is a strong allergen and can trigger an allergic reaction, both in mom and in a newborn. If you do not want to congratulate flowers without flowers, there is an option - to give a bouquet of balloons. Such a bouquet will not only be safe, but also very original, it will not wither the next day and will remain in the memory of the parents for a long time.

Unwanted gifts at such a young ageAre soft toys, dolls and cars. The kid will start playing with them not very soon, and the toys will take up space and collect dust. Buying toys, it is better to stop the choice of those that will be of interest to a newborn in the near future. In the first weeks of life, there will be in demand rattles, pendants for cribs, rubber toys for bathing. All toys must be certified.

Suffice it a contentious gift are diapers. It goes without saying that diapers are a means of first necessity and never are superfluous. If you still chose diapers, before purchasing, you need to clarify with your parents what brand they use.

Another common gift, but oftenThe nipples and bottles become useless. Nowadays, many children do not eat pacifiers at all, and the choice of nipples should be approached very individually, newborns are very fastidious in this matter and, as a rule, get used to any one nipple.

Do not also rush to buy a riding school. Popular earlier in almost all mothers, recently it is almost not in demand. Modern moms prefer not to put the baby in the arena, and wear it in a sling or on his hands. Therefore, the need to purchase an arena must necessarily negotiate with the parents.

All of the above is to the same extent applicable toWalkers who are also given a newborn baby. The attitude of modern parents to walkers is very controversial - some people categorically reject them, but someone uses them with pleasure. In addition, the decision on the expediency of using the walker is not taken earlier than at the age of five months. Therefore, donating walkers without parental consent is not recommended.

In no case is it necessary to give crumbs to pharmaciesGoods - hygiene products, therapeutic teas, gas pipes, syringes. Such things mom and she will get in the pharmacy, because better than her no one knows what suits her child. Such a gift will not look appropriate and look very cheap.

Do not buy for a gift to a newbornBaby food for children. His choice is very individual and you hardly know about what mix the newborn is fed. Baby food can be given to the baby only after receiving approval from his pediatrician.

The book is the best gift, however in this caseThis rule does not always work. The book market is oversaturated with books on caring for children and their upbringing, while their authors often have diametrically different views. Therefore, do not burden the young mother with redundant information. Surely she has her own point of view on this issue and will choose books on children's topics according to her principles and beliefs.

Clothing can be a good gift, the main thingChoose the right size and follow the children's fashion. Buying clothes for growth, it must be remembered that in the first three months the child grows by about five centimeters per month. A great gift will be sliders, fastened on the shoulders, ryoshonki, body, cotton and silk coveralls. If you connect a cap or blouse with your own hands, such a gift is sure to please the baby and his mother.

The best children's gifts

So, we decided on what gifts should not be given. Now it's time to pay attention to things that will be coveted and useful for the baby and his family.

Bedding is a good andA practical gift that will never be superfluous. You can give a set of children's bedding, which includes sheets, pillowcase and duvet cover or a set of towels of different sizes and a wool blanket. An excellent gift will be a set that includes protective sides and canopies, large terry towels and children's blankets will also come in handy in any family. Such gifts are guaranteed to be in demand, but not stacked in the far corners of the cabinet.

Photographic goods. Newly-minted parents try to capture every step in the development of their child in the photo. The smallest successes of the child cause them tremendous attention and trembling, because they so love to photograph their baby. That is why, such gifts as a camera, photo albums and photo frames will never be superfluous. The original gift will be a photo album, a diary of the first year of life, in which you can not only post photos, but also record important events that occur with the newborn - when he first turned over, sat down, started smiling, crawling, pronouncing the first word, etc. Very appropriate colorful children's photo frames, made in the form of animals or fairy-tale heroes.

The stroller. The wheelchair is necessary to all kids without an exception, and accordingly, becomes an important and necessary gift. However, choosing a stroller is a very important task. Buying a wheelchair, it is necessary to consult with parents and find out their preferences.

A cot is also a wonderful and necessaryA gift for a little man, if the parents did not buy it in advance. To choose a crib is much easier, than a carriage, the main thing - to trace, that it was executed from natural materials and certificated. Maybe this is not the most original gift, which is usually given, but very practical.

The most important secret of the best gift for a baby is the manifestation of love and care. Let the gift be modest and inexpensive, but chosen and presented with love, with a soul embedded in it.

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