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How to make a baby a compress

Do not self-medicate, it's aboutAnd compresses. Therefore, before putting a child on a compress, be sure to consult a doctor. This guarantees you a safe and quick recovery.

It is not difficult to make a compress. To do this, first of all, in the home medical kit, you need to have a bandage and the necessary substances or medicines that will be used in the compress if there are problems with your baby's health. You will also need waxed paper (you can buy an oilcloth). Fold the bandage in 6-8 layers, apply to it a remedy (according to the recommended recipe) and attach it to a sore spot, attach a waxed paper over the bandage, which should cover a bandage attached to the sore spot by a few centimeters. To fix the compress on the body, attach flannel or cotton wool to it and fix it all with a handkerchief so that you can put your finger under the bandage.

Compresses for bronchitis and pneumonia

With bronchitis and pneumonia, the use of compressesContributes to a rapid recovery, as they create a warming effect, and this is the first thing the body needs for these diseases. Badger fat is an effective remedy in folk medicine, compress from it attach to the chest and back of the baby. But do not forget about the fact that compresses are contraindicated at elevated body temperature.

You can make cottage cheese wraps. To do this, take 100 g of cottage cheese, remove the serum from it and put a compress on the back of the child. The compress can be removed when the curd mass dries.

Compresses for otitis

Cope with otitis (inflammation in the ear), you can apply a compress based on castor oil. Place the prepared compress on the auricle and secure with a handkerchief.

The onion compress is also effective. Peel the onion, cut it and wrap it in gauze. Such a compress to the patient's ear is applied several times a day.

Compression in case of dislocation

With a dislocation to reduce pain toIt is recommended to apply ice cubes immediately after injury (for pain relief). And later to remove the inflammatory process, you can make the child a thermal absorbable compress, which will accelerate the restoration of the joint. To do this, make a compress of tincture of plantain or from its juice. Alcohol tincture of plantain should be diluted with water in a proportion of 1: 1. From the solution obtained, make a compress.

Compresses for boils

In the fight against abscesses, an aloe -Effective assistant. Wash the aloe leaf, cut it along, place it on the affected area so that the aloe juice contacts the boil, fix it with a bandage.
Sweet compress: add sugar droplets of vegetable oil (any), make a small cake from it, attach it to the boil and fix it.

Both of the above-described remedies are not inferior to Vishnevsky's ointment used in the fight against pustules.

Compress with sprain

Sprain stretching is one of the unpleasant andPainful diagnoses. Despite this, he also meets children, and, moreover, often. In this case, of course, not without the help of a medical specialist can not do, because only the doctor can make an accurate diagnosis. In case the doctor did not find anything serious, you can apply a compress from the medicinal plants. You can take ointment from arnica or flesh. Make a warming bandage, soaking a piece of gauze with ointment and apply to the stretching site.

Compresses with angina (tonsillitis)

For angina are not only highBody temperature and inflamed neck, but also enlarged lymph nodes. Before applying the compress, you need to normalize the temperature of the child's body and then you can make an alcohol compress. To do this, mix one to one 76% alcohol with water and make a compress from the resulting solution to the neck area.
Also help with acute tonsillitis compressOf the following composition. Stems of flax, grate on a fine grater and pour them with hot milk. When the rubbed stems are swollen, apply them evenly to the handkerchief and secure the resulting compress in the area of ​​the cervical lymph nodes. Regularly carrying out this procedure will help the body to fight the disease and will speed up recovery.

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