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So that the tummy does not get sick in the first months

Symptoms of colic

If the baby has an attack of colic, he is veryLong, sometimes several hours can be crying hysterically, actively knitting, pulling them to the tummy. The attack ends only after the stool or gas. In the first months of life, the tummy begins to ache in the third or fourth week. Attacks happen mostly in the evening, when tired parents try to sleep. Of course, this is very exhausting, especially psychologically. But to suffer sleepless nights it is necessary not for long - by the end of the third month the stomach or belly to cease to hurt or be ill; be sick.

Causes of infantile digestive problems

Most often, the reason lies in the imperfectionDigestive system of the baby. The newborn organism does not yet have the enzymes necessary for digesting food. Colic increases when the child is lactose deficient, food allergic or intolerant to certain foods that the nursing mother is eating. The tummy can get sick due to the fact that the mother gives the breast the wrong way. The baby only grasps the nipple, not the entire areola. As a result, during the sucking of milk, air enters. It is noticed that colic, for unknown reason, the boys suffer more often.

What to do, so that the tummy does not hurt

Science has developed drugs that facilitateSome degree of infantile anguish. They should be prescribed by the doctor depending on the degree of pain, the tolerability of the drugs, the possible consequences. But before resorting to "chemistry", no less effective use of non-pharmacological methods of prevention.

Proper nutrition. The first advice for breastfeeding women isThe occurrence of colic refuse strict treatment. Of course, the regime accustoms the baby to a certain schedule of feeding. But this method is more convenient for mothers, not for children. Modern research proves that the children's organism knows when its nutrients run out. Feed the baby at his request. This applies to breastfeeding, and feeding mixtures. If with lactation in the mother's problems and the baby has to give a mixture, it is necessary to give babies only special adapted mixtures. Take care that the child in this case drank a lot.

The right dishes. Bottles are used both with artificialFeeding, and thoracic, when the mother expresses the milk. Eating from ordinary bottles, babies often swallow air, which interferes with digestion, causes gas accumulation and painful swelling of the tummy. To the first months of the tummy does not bother, buy a special anti-small bottle. We advise you to pay attention to the products of reputable companies that conduct clinical trials of their products. Bottles of unknown manufacturers, even with a similar design can be made of their materials, harmful to the baby.

Anti-riot bottles are equipped with specialNipples that let air into the bottle. This ensures continuous sucking. The baby does not need to break away from the nipple, so the air does not enter the digestive tract and does not provoke colic. The physiological form of the nipple repeats the shape of the female nipple. This helps to go from breast to bottle and back without problems. In a set of anti-coil bottles often come several varieties of the nipple, so it will be easy to choose the ideal suitable for a particular child. In this case, the baby will not have an excuse to give up breast, which is very important if the mother needs to be absent or there are temporary problems with lactation.

Quality bottles have additionaladvantages. They are compatible with a wide range of accessories, breast pump. This ensures sterility, because you do not have to pour food from different containers. Depending on the needs and age of the baby, the nipple can be replaced, for example, with a spout.

Correct posture. To reduce the amount of air in the stomach,A child after eating must always hold a post, and then put on the barrel. This exercise will also help to get milk from the stomach into the intestines more quickly. During pain in the tummy, as well as for prevention before each feeding, the child is useful to spread on the stomach. It is best to go straight to my mother's belly, as they say "skin to skin." Mom's warmth, posture, beating of her heart resemble the intrauterine conditions in which the child grew up. It's cool calming baby, he falls asleep easily.

The correct "toilet" mode. The child must croak as many times as it wasFeeding. In this case, excessive gas formation will not torment him. To help move away the gases, you can perform a tummy massage in a clockwise direction. Another help is applying a warm diaper or a warmer to the stomach. By using a gas escape tube, it is necessary to resort only in extreme situations, when all other methods are tried and failed.

Proper nutrition of mother. So that the first months do not hurt in the tummy, my motherYou must follow a certain diet. First of all, we must abandon the gas-forming products. It is milk, onions, tomatoes, black bread, grapes, spicy dishes, chocolate and coffee.

If you follow these rules, the baby's sleep will become calm and sweet. And there is a great chance to enter into the cherished 10% of happy parents whose children do not suffer from colic.

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