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Treating thrush in infants at home

When infecting the oral mucosa, gums, cheeks and tongueNewborns are covered with a touch of white, similar to cottage cheese, yogurt or snow flakes. This disease is treated on an outpatient basis, but to confirm the diagnosis, it is necessary to contact a medical institution. With timely detection and treatment - thrush is not a dangerous disease, but it should be taken seriously. So, with untimely treatment, the disease progresses and can affect the mucous eye, which leads to the development of conjunctivitis. In girls, the fungus can spread to the genitals, which is fraught with the appearance of vulvitis. Vulvit at such a tender age causes fusion of the labia or vagina, and this pathology is treated only through surgical intervention. In addition, thrush can cause pneumonia in a child.

In addition to such serious threats, thrushGives the child a lot of inconvenience. The disease makes the tender and vulnerable mucosa of the baby's mouth weak and susceptible to various infections. Because of this, there is irritation, itching, pain when sucking the breast or nipples, the child becomes nervous, moody, his sleep and appetite are broken, weight loss occurs. Therefore, when parents discover the first symptoms of mucosal changes, you need to take certain measures. This publication will tell you how to treat thrush in infants at home.

As a rule, the balance of a child's microflora is disrupted for the following reasons:

- During pregnancy the woman was ill with a thrush;

- on the mammary glands of the nursing mother there is candidiasis;

- weakening of immunity in a newborn;

- taking antibiotics by the baby;

- frequent regurgitation of the baby;

- the birth of a baby prematurely;

- violation of certain functions of the digestive system;

- non-compliance of parents with hygiene norms and sanitary rules for caring for a child.

Methods of home treatment of thrush in infants.

A very old but effective method of combating thrush at home is Baking soda solution. A glass of water requires a teaspoon of soda,This solution is impregnated with a cotton swab and gently moistens the baby's mouth. Repeat this procedure every two hours, until the full passage of the disease. For the prevention of the disease, breastfeeding, young mothers are recommended to wash before breast-feeding with such a solution mammary glands.

Another very true way - Borax solution in glycerol. And although experts argue about the use ofSuch a treatment, for many generations treatment of thrush in this way helped to cope with the disease for 1 - 2 admission. Mucous baby mouth gently missed with the drug and for a while, until it is completely absorbed, do not give drink and food.

Recipes for fighting thrush in infants are offered and folk medicine. For example, Honey or jam from roses Give a positive medicinal effect. The downside of these folk remedies is that they can cause an allergy in a baby.

If in spite of all listed measuresGet rid of the milk fungus is not obtained, it is necessary to conduct a complete examination and prescribe the treatment with ointments, powders and solutions containing antifungal components. The most common drugs in this series are Nystatin and candida, They provide an excellent therapeutic effect.

Prevention of thrush.

In any case, thrush is easier to prevent than to combat its manifestations. Methods for preventing thrush are:

1. The pregnant woman's attentiveness to her health.

2. As long as possible breastfeeding, because breast milk strengthens children's immunity.

3. Processing with boiling of bottles, pacifiers, nipples and toys.

4. Storage of spare treated dummies in a closed container.

5. Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

6. Common restorative procedures for improving the immunity of the newborn - fresh air, sun baths, massage, gymnastics.

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