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Care for baby nails


Need to maintain the nails properlyAnd no matter how old the child is. For this procedure, you need to purchase: manicure scissors to have rounded edges and children's special tweezers. For older children, a special nail file is needed to remove jags from marigolds. Do not ever use older manicure sets! By the 4th week the baby's nails become stronger and you can start this procedure. If everything is done correctly, then it is not difficult to learn to cut your nails.

When to cut nails

At what time will this procedure be carried out?Convenient? The ripped edges of the nail plates are very good to remove after bathing the baby. Nails will become soft, which will allow them to be shaved without injuring the skin of their fingers. It is convenient to cut the marigolds when the baby sleeps, when all parts of the body are relaxed. The nails on the legs are very convenient to cut when the baby is lying on the tummy. The kid will not "kick", when the leg is bent in the knee, you can easily do the procedure. If the baby is playing, then cutting the nails is best for two adults. One will distract the attention of the baby, and the other will do the marigolds.

Rules and tips

Care of children's marigolds should be carried out onRules. The most important thing is to observe hygiene. First you need to thoroughly wash your hands, all the manicure tools should be thoroughly wiped with alcohol. For the safety of the baby, you need to take his pen in your hand and with your index finger and thumb to hold the child's fingers. Take the child's finger and gently press the pad to go down - this will reduce the risk of cutting the skin. Gently and gentle movements cut the nail, but not under the root, leave about one millimeter. You can cut the nails on the hands, rounding the ends.

On the legs you need to cut the nails exactly (not rounding offEnds). This will reduce the risk of ingrown nails into the skin. Try to shave so that the edge was on the nail without burrs and even. With the help of the nail file make it smoother. Too often, this procedure with children's nails is not worth it. On the hands to cut your nails enough once a week, on your feet 2-3 times a month.

First aid

If it so happens that you have touched the skin - notBe upset. When cutting a finger in a baby, do not apply a bandage, as it can pull it into the mouth. Apply the bandage to your finger and hold until the blood stops completely. If the baby is older, then you can apply a bandage.

If a child near the nail has appearedReddening, which appeared abscess, it is possible to treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide and attach to it a tampon with Levomekol ointment, and fix it with bandage. On the handle, put on the mitten so that the bandage does not move from the wound.

When the baby begins to crawl, under the nails accumulates dirt, which, if ingested, can cause disorders of various kinds. This dirt needs to be carefully removed.

But there are cases when the baby grows a fingernailIn the skin. What to do in this case? Try to do a bath with warm boiled water and furatsilinom (1 tablet furatsilina per 1 glass of water). Hold the foot in this solution for a while. If the skin becomes inflamed, grease it with a green. If the nail is deeply rooted, you should consult a doctor who will prescribe further treatment. But with proper care for children's nails, such problems should not be.

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